There are specific instructions you need to follow to properly order, assemble, and install dark cherry kitchen cabinets. By taking the time to review these processes now, you are able to determine the best way to complete your home improvement project.

  1. Ordering Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets – Prior to ordering your cabinets, you have to obtain the measurements for your kitchen. You should also decide whether you want to replace the existing styles with similar ones, or if there are other features you want in your new cabinets, like a Lazy Susan for corner pieces. You can find a free measuring template with detailed instructions, as well as complimentary access to our professional design services team, here at Best Online Cabinets.
  2. Assembling Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets – All of our cabinets are ready to assemble, which means you have to put them together once they arrive at your home. We provide free access to assembly instructions and videos so you can determine ahead of time if this is a task you want to attempt on your own, or if you would rather hire a contractor. If you decide to use a contractor, let us know, and we will gladly recommend a qualified one in your area.
  3. Installing Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets – Once your cabinets are assembled, you have to install them in your kitchen. Installation processes include using wall mounting screws to secure them correctly in place, installing counter tops, and adding finishing touches like door handles. It is recommended you install cabinets at floor level, first; attach your countertop; and then install over-counter cabinets last.

For further assistance with ordering, assembling, or installing kitchen cabinets, visit our website or call us. We are here to help, and we want your remodeling project to be successful.