Looking for some Mediterranean kitchen ideas to get you started on your next renovation project? Look no further. We’ve gathered a great list of images to help you update your kitchen with some charm.

First, let’s dive into this design style. Mediterranean kitchen designs are as diverse as the countries bordering that sea. You’ll see Spanish style kitchens that feature ornamented cabinets, hand painted tiles, and decorative arches.

Tuscan style kitchens often incorporate color palettes with natural, earthy hues and place a strong emphasis on natural light sources. Grecian styles often feature lots of blue, bringing the sea into the home.

Even North African elements like mosaic patterns and bright colors have made their way into the forefront of Mediterranean interior design. Whether your taste is more Sicilian or Tunisian, we’ve pulled plenty of kitchen design ideas for you to be inspired by.

Mediterranean home design has a rich cultural history with years of art and innovation to bolster it. But as technology has advanced, as the size of homes change, and as tastes have changed, these kitchens have evolved to embrace modernity in various ways.

Clever designers will incorporate elements from other design styles, such as traditional kitchen cabinetry or mid century modern bar stools, in order to update the long-standing Mediterranean style.

So how do you want to bring Mediterranean inspiration into your 2020 kitchen? Are you into the dark wood and stone features found in a Tuscan style home, or are you loving the bright and bold tiles of modern Spanish kitchens?

Hopefully you’ll find plenty of ideas in this list. Comment below to let us know which Mediterranean style kitchen design elements you are most intrigued by. We’d love to help you turn your Mediterranean dreams into a reality.

1. Modern Michelangelo

During the Italian Renaissance, Michelangelo used marble slabs to carve ornate, lifelike statues. But in 2020? Maybe he would have just used them as countertops or backsplashes in his home. There’s no question that these marble accents are a statement piece of this Mediterranean kitchen. Woven backed bar stools also feel Italian-inspired. This modern, elegant kitchen is a great inspiration source for someone who would love to incorporate some ornate features without overwhelming the room with decoration.

2. Deep Blue

The deep blue and brown color scheme in this modern kitchen feel simultaneously warm and cool; simultaneously earthy and seabound. A dichotomy of textures unify this mediterranean kitchen design with a bit of rustic charm. Spanish style tiles wrap around underneath slate blue upper cabinets. Stainless steel appliances contrast against brown tile floors, and a large hanging lantern offsets a minimal amount of natural lighting.

3. A Basket Full of Flowers

This basket full of sunflowers resting on the kitchen counter seems to say “oh, nothing to see here. Just cut these fresh stems from my own beautiful, rolling hills.” Everything about this Mediterranean style kitchen is a humble brag. From the arched brick ceilings, to thick wood slab countertops, to the arched windows opened to a view of the private pond in the backyard. Wood cabinets with glass panels display a set of collected wares. This kitchen embraces dark features and copper accents. A plethora of dark, earthy tones like this bring southern Europe to your home kitchen in Ohio.

4. Spanish Revival Style

High ceilings and wooden beams set this kitchen up for a successful Spanish style kitchen design. Old meets new in this elevated Mediterranean home. A high topped kitchen island uses ashy wood with hand-carved details for an old world look. A wrought iron hanging light fixture feels almost Medieval. This open concept kitchen blends into the dining room, decorated similarly to tie everything together.

5. Dark Neutrals

The juxtaposition of this kitchen with the last example prove just how wide the spectrum is for modern Mediterranean kitchen design. Ornate, dark stained wood pieces frame this kitchen stove with granite countertops. Large wood cabinets allow for plenty of storage space in this Mediterranean kitchen. A padded chair at the kitchen island adds to the cozy but elegant vibe of this Mediterranean kitchen design.

6. Tiles Two Ways

Tiles are all the rage in several different modern design styles, so why not incorporate them in multiple ways? This kitchen uses black subway tiles as a wall backsplash, and more ornate blue and white Mediterranean inspired tiles on the interior of the kitchen island. And while we’re at it, let’s talk about this kitchen island. This quartz-topped island with a waterfall edge looks absolutely stunning with the accent of gold bar stools. This design is the epitome of mediterranean design modernized for 2020.

7. Mediterranean Coastal Kitchen

This kitchen definitely feels like it sits on the coast of Greece. Open wood shelving highlights collected items. In this case, the kitchen owner proudly displays ceramic goods and bottles of wine. You can’t really get more Mediterranean than that. This interior design incorporates several hues of blue. By displaying paintings across from a good natural light source, this room looks bright and exciting.

8. Going Green

While a wide variety of colors and textures can be used when describing the mediterranean style, green is unlikely to be top of mind. However, this kitchen design is proof that an unexpected color choice can be incorporated successfully in a mediterranean home. This dark wood kitchen island has less storage space than your average centerpiece, but that’s exactly what makes it stand out as a focal point of this room. A wrought iron hanging light fixture uses candles instead of lightbulbs—a heavy nod to the historical style of this room. Somehow, ornate vintage pieces pair well with stainless steel appliances.

9. Pour One Out for Dionysus

The Greek god of wine, Dionysus, would probably appreciate this hanging grate turned wine glass holder. But easy access wine glasses aren’t the only thing that make this kitchen distinctly Mediterranean. This kitchen incorporates a smattering of mismatched Spanish tiles to create and eccentric backsplash. Bright teal kitchen cabinets feel inspired by the North African side of the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the bright accents of the kitchen cabinets, this kitchen utilizes a very Tuscan earth tone color palette.

10. Textures Galore

This Mediterranean style kitchen (and likely the rest of this home) features every possible texture, and then some. White cabinets with glass panels sit below stucco walls and ceilings. White subway tile adorns the wall above granite countertops. These floors have both hardwood and colorful tiles. This is one of those “I don’t know how it works, but it does,” moments. If you’re looking for a Mediterranean kitchen with eclectic flair, look no further.

11. Modern Kitchens Spanish Style

This kitchen feels very modern at first glance, but its mediterranean style influences are apparent upon further inspection. White cabinets sit atop a thick wood countertop. Patterned, decorative tile sits below an arch over the stove. Wrought iron details hold up open wood shelving. This is one of those kitchen designs that feels young and fresh while still maintaining an appreciation for history.
Did these Mediterranean kitchen ideas give you ideas for your next home design project? Let us know in the comments which Mediterranean kitchen image inspired you the most. We’d love to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

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