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Kitchen Misconception

Common Kitchen Misconception and Design Mistakes

Remodeling your kitchen is not always a straightforward process. Misconceptions and mistakes are commonly found in all stages during construction and even design. Some people may try to avoid rules or limitations that may...

European Kitchen Designs – Best Ideas, Inspirations, Tips and Trends

Deciding whether you should go for an American style kitchen or European style kitchen is a difficult decision to make. But that’s not where the tough decision making ends. Once you’ve settled on your...

Fine and Classy Traditional European Kitchen Design Ideas

The kind of kitchen design you settle for speaks a lot about not only your taste in the kitchen but also your ancestral history. Traditional European kitchens have stood out over their American counterparts...

Elegance and Impact with Midcentury Modern European Kitchen Design Ideas

The idea of mixing something from the midcentury with something modern sounds absurd to most ears. But, as the current kitchen design trends, dominated by cool colors, silver-tipped light bulbs, and colorful kitchen tiles...

Cool and Stylish Contemporary European Kitchen Design Ideas

The European kitchen design is predominantly traditional. The drawers feature dark wood, open plan kitchens are rarely desired, and shiny metallic fixtures crown the entire space. But what if you wanted to be more contemporary?...