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Chic but Cozy French Country European Kitchen Design Ideas

Talk to most people and house décor professionals about your new kitchen, and you’ll be first asked if you’re going for an American kitchen or a European one. Unlike the larger, more storage oriented American...

Warm and Charming European Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

What can we describe as a European farmhouse kitchen? Compared to the American farmhouse kitchen, the European farmhouse kitchen is characterized by an old-world feel of European elegance. Just like the American farmhouse kitchen, both...

Clean and Simple Scandinavian European Kitchen Design Ideas

You have a lot of options as far as European kitchen designs are concerned. But why would you settle on Scandinavian? Scandinavian kitchen design is a design that’s described as oh-so-stylish, and eclectic. It focuses...

Chic and Ritzy London Townhouse European Kitchen Design Ideas

The European kitchen design is characterized by a unique and seamless blend of the old world and the contemporary. According to its origins, this kitchen design was birthed by not only the need for efficiency...

Super Sleek Minimalist European Kitchen Design Ideas

Gone are the days when kitchen spaces were cluttered with a ton of accessories, busy patterns, and designs. Today, the modern kitchen is defined by minimalism. What do we mean by a minimalist design style?...