Most people designing a kitchen tend to get caught up in typical (and sometimes boring) color schemes. But just the fact that you’re reading this means you are not interested in making the same mistake. The biggest concern with incorporating color into a kitchen is that it will go out of style or inadvertently give the space some kind of theme.

This can be the case with busy colors like purple or orange, but blue is a classic color that won’t go out of style and can go with anything. (Ever heard of blue jeans? I rest my case.)

So it’s time to get rid of the idea that blue and white kitchens only belong in nautical themed seaside cottages and bring some color into every home! This is the perfect place to get started with some design inspiration.

Below are some ideas that show the many different ways color can be incorporated into your white and blue kitchen. Best of luck building your dream home!

1. Fun Decor


This design is a creative way to incorporate shades of blue into a small space without overpowering the room. You can find boxes of unique antique plates and other decorations at flea markets and yard sales and put them on display in a room like this. The decor might seem a little busy, but it’s perfect for a small apartment or remote cottage that needs a little life!

2. Bold Backsplash


Can you say backsplash? Well, this kitchen obviously can. There isn’t a lot to discuss here because the kitchen is so small and the view so narrow, but we couldn’t talk about blue and white kitchens without including a bold backsplash. This kitchen went for it, and they complemented the backsplash with blue knobs and blue mugs in the glass cupboards. It may be simple, but this blue kitchen is beautiful.

3. Blue and Gold


The navy blue in this kitchen is concentrated below the counter. Keeping the top half white brings light and warmth to the whole room, but the dark lower half creates a bold contrast.  The gold accents are the perfect choice for this shade of blue, even if it is varied between the faucet, handles, and light fixtures. Lastly, the best part of the decor in this design is the pendant lights over the island which invert the color scheme of the room.

4. Simple and Small


Usually, in small spaces using dark cabinets and walls is a mistake as is makes the space feel even smaller than it is. However, this room looks and feels great with the deep blue cabinets (due mainly to the abundant natural light coming in from the left wall. The whole kitchen is a unique combination of things most wouldn’t put together such as the brown shelves with the marble counter and then the grey and white floor. But this is the reality for many people renovating on budget and can’t replace everything, and it looks great! Just a minor thing, like painting the kitchen cabinets blue can make a huge difference for a home.

5. Mix & Match


This design is a great example of how to incorporate multiple shades of blue into one room. Both white and blue kitchen cabinets are used and then a different shade is used for the blue paint. The cabinets in the kitchen are a pale blue and therefore don’t clash too much with the stone blue of the walls. Additionally, there are more shades incorporated into the decor with the wine glasses, mugs, and window shades. This room would look great in any home from a modern house to a seaside beach house.

6. Electric Blue


The last of our kitchen design ideas is a fun one! Most hues used in kitchens are subtle or deep. However, this kitchen went for electric blue and it really stands out. This design is like a modern take on a classic diner. It incorporates the bright blues, red accents, and white stools. The rest of the room is extremely simple – if the kitchen design was any busier it would be too much, that’s for sure. The only thing that could be better is disguising the stainless steel appliances that stick out against the electric blue.

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