Shaker style cabinets are some of the most popular looks in cabinets due to their versatility, but figuring out what handle, knob or pull to complement this kind of cabinet door can be a challenge.

While some cabinet doors are created with five-pieces consisting of four parts for each side of the frame and of a recessed panel in the center. Other higher-quality cabinet doors are made from a one-piece solid wood with the center routed out.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets have a clean appearance that can work with any kind of interior design: Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional. The end result is that your handle and hardware will end up determining the style since the Shaker has the unique advantage of being a blank canvas for your own interior design.

Let’s look at various handles available for Shaker cabinets and see what kind of effect it conveys for your room:

These long silver rods with chrome bands as handles create a transitional look to an otherwise traditional wood stained finish to these Ontario Beech Espresso cabinet doors. The mixture of wood and metal is not an unusual combination, but somehow this reads as neither traditional nor contemporary but still works as a clean detail to enhance the look of your cabinet door. This is also perfect for someone wanting a different look for your conventional cabinet while keeping that minimal look.

These silver circular knobs on these white shaker cabinet doors is a more traditional appearance and is often found in bathroom cabinet doors for its clean look. Using white cabinets will generally brighten a room and make a smaller room like more spacious so if you use this in your kitchen, you will have a roomier looking kitchen. These knobs and cabinets are ideal for someone who just wants to keep things simple and utilitarian, enabling the homeowner to focus on other areas of the home.

In contrast to an earlier picture, here we have a mixture of wood and metal bar handles but this feels more like contemporary design with its emphasis on angles and simplicity. These silver rectangular handles against this espresso wood Shaker style cabinet would give a kitchen a modern feel yet silver has a sense of timelessness to it.

This set of unique handles were displayed at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this year. These handles are chrome with unusual reflective geometric angles that create a prism-like effect that will be especially enhanced if you have a colorful kitchen. This is an example where your selection of handles will make a strong statement and the natural neutral wood grain of these shaker cabinets amplifies this result.

We are used to handles on these cabinets places on the lower corners of the door near where the door opens. While these are not Shaker cabinets depicted in the picture, we wanted to show you that you are not limited to always placing your handles in the same area. The metal rod handles placed at the direct bottom side of the shaker kitchen cabinet will most likely read as contemporary because it keeps to the angular style of that modern design.

These crafted metallic bronze knobs pick up the natural browns of this Shaker cabinet and are more representative of a traditional look for your kitchen or bathroom. Ornate handles and knobs feel more traditional because they were often found on wooden furniture for many centuries among the households of higher social classes. While trends for kitchens and bathrooms may classify this style as in vogue at certain times, the neutral palette of this combination means that this is not likely to go out of fashion.

These dark metal handles against these white shaker cabinet doors, would this be a traditional, transitional or contemporary look? It’s angular enough to be contemporary. The simplicity in the dark metal handles against the white shaker style cabinets can be considered traditional. This setting could work in a kitchen or bath décor that is industrial so it can be transitional. So the answer is that this seemingly simple combination can adapt to any style you wish making it a blank canvas for your room.

While we have shown you a major of Shaker style cabinet doors, we should not neglect the types of handles that are available for the White Shaker Cabinet drawers that you would find in the cabinets of your kitchen and bath. This multifaceted rod has a feeling of ivory or bone held in place with gold rings has a tropical feel, even when contrasted with this grey Shaker style drawer, showing how much influence over your look the right handle will have.

Some people want knobs and handles to reflect their personalities, just like these gold dice knobs on these lower cabinets with shaker cabinet doors.  This was part of a whole design where the entire room was gambling themed in Vegas style with references to playing cards and poker chips as part of the theme. Don’t be afraid to have your fixtures on your cabinets show off your personal style and this goes to show that these knobs are one place to do it cleverly!

One of the biggest advantages to owning Shaker cabinets is their versatility to be both a canvas for your personal taste as well as attractive cabinets that deserve a place in your house. But amazingly little details like your choice of handles or knobs can enhance this look to turn that house into a home.