In order to put together dark cherry RTA kitchen cabinets, you need to have access to a wide variety of tools and hardware. The most common items you require are tape measures, levels, drills, screw drivers, hammers, rubber mallets, and circular saws. There may be other tools you also need in order to properly assemble and finish your cabinets, like a table saw. Prior to assembling your RTA cabinets, it is a good idea to fully review the enclosed assembly instructions, because these will contain a detailed section listing all of the tools and hardware required.

Since most people have multiple dark cherry RTA kitchen cabinets to assemble, open each box and remove the assembly instructions to determine what tools and hardware are necessary to put all of the cabinets together. Keep in mind, some cabinet styles could require specific tools not needed for other styles. If you discover you lack any tools or hardware, obtain the missing items before you start assembling your cabinets. Do not attempt to assemble the cabinets without the right tools, as you may accidently damage the cabinets, and the manufacturer will not take responsibility for this type of damage.

After reviewing the instructions, if you have further questions, or are not sure of an exact assembly process, contact the manufacturer for support, like us, here at Best Online Cabinets, at 855-929-8975. We also offer free online assembly videos for your viewing.

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