Some of the features people look for when they are looking for apartments to rent are the size of the kitchen and bathrooms, cabinet storage space, and quality of the cabinets. If your apartment homes look dated because you are still using the original cabinets from the 1970s or 1980s, you should consider updating your rental homes with new solid wood kitchen cabinets. Modernizing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is one step to securing new tenants, higher rental rates, and increased revenues.

One concern you might have is about the costs associated with remodeling your apartments with solid wood kitchen cabinets. However, you can remodel all of your rental homes at affordable prices by purchasing solid wood ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets directly from the manufacturer. By buying direct, you receive wholesale pricing and a substantial savings on your cabinet purchases. You should also contact the manufacturer directly and discuss your apartment remodeling project objectives. It is possible to obtain a discount off of the already low wholesale prices when you intend to order a large quantity of cabinets for your entire apartment complex.

Many styles of kitchen cabinets are designed to be used in bathrooms. As a result, you might decide to use the same style cabinet throughout the entire apartment, or choose to use one style in the kitchen and another for your bathrooms. To get your apartment kitchen and bathroom remodeling project started, take advantage of our free design services and wholesale prices on RTA cabinets. Request your free project quote now, by contacting one of our design service experts at 855-929-8975.