Shaker walnut oak wood cabinets are one popular style of cabinet people use in their kitchens and bathrooms. The reason the Shaker style has grown in popularity is because of the simplicity of the design and how well it fits with modern and contemporary home decors. The Shaker style is similar to the currently popular European style flat panel cabinetry, but has slightly more detail.

People enjoy how easy it is to clean Shaker cabinets because of the flat-paneled design. Because there are minimal grooves, and large flat areas, they do not have to worry about not being able to fully remove sticky soda splashes, food splatters, or dust. Color options for Shaker kitchen cabinets include espresso, champagne, mahogany, and walnut oak wood cabinets.

How Can I Save Money on Shaker Walnut Oak Wood Cabinets?

The costs for Shaker walnut oak wood cabinets can be rather high, to remodel a standard sized kitchen, when you purchase them from a retail supplier. You could easily spend $10,000, or more, just for the cabinets. This price does not include mounting screws, door handles, any finishing work — like back splashes and base boards, or paying a contractor to install them.

Rather than spending a fortune on solid wood Shaker cabinets from a retail supplier, enjoy a substantial savings by ordering them direct from the manufacturer. The average cost for Shaker cabinets for a standard sized kitchen are around $2,500. Call us now at 855-929-8975 to order your solid wood Shaker cabinets at wholesale manufacturer prices.


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