Prior to starting a do it yourself kitchen remodeling project, you need to remember that  seeing this performed on one of the home improvement shows on TV is completely different from undertaking such a task on your own. The people in these shows are professionals and have years of experience with tearing out old cabinets, countertops and appliances, and installing new ones, as well as moving electrical outlets and water lines. Even though it might look easy on TV, it does not mean you will have the same results.

To get a better idea of what really is required for a do it yourself kitchen remodeling project, you need to watch our online instructional assembly videos for assembling your RTA cabinets. These videos cover a wide range of styles, so you can determine whether this is something you want to attempt on your own. It is also recommended you read through the printed assembly instructions to verify you have all of the required tools and equipment needed for the assembly processes. Far too often, people order the cabinets, but fail to read the online instructions, which leads to frustration because they do not have the right type of saw or other tool needed to put their new cabinets together.

In the event you do decide this is a project you can do, remember there is a learning curve involved with assembling the cabinets. It is a good idea to read all the way through the instructions, review them a second time, and then to set up the work area to make sure you have everything you need close by. Once you have completed this prep work, you should take your time and complete each step in the instructions before moving on to the next one. Working slowly and steadily ensures that you prevent accidently damaging your new cabinets and allows you to become more skilled in the assembly process.

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