When you buy kitchen cabinets online, the main benefit you receive is substantial cost savings.

For instance, if you want a Cinnamon Shaker color and style for a standard 10 by 10 kitchen, the price to completely replace your existing cabinets with all new ones starts at around $1,300. This price includes all of the wood and parts needed to put your new cabinets together. However, it does not include wall mounting screws, handles, or the tools you will need.

If you compare this price to those found at local home improvement stores, you might be shocked at how much you would end up paying. It can easily cost $500 or more just for a single kitchen sink base cabinet, $400 or more for a single corner cabinet, $300 or more for a single 3 drawer base cabinet, and $300 or more for a single overhead double door cabinet.

Just for these four pieces you end up paying $1,500 or more, which is not enough to complete a 10 by 10 kitchen. To fully remodel a 10 by 10 kitchen, it is easy to spend a minimum of $10,000, from a home improvement store.

Why would you want to spend such a large sum of money, when you can buy all the kitchen cabinets you need for a fraction of the cost online? With the extra money you save, you could use it to buy new appliances, purchase any tools you need to assemble your cabinets, or take the family on a well-deserved vacation.


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