Save Money on New Kitchen Cabinets by Purchasing Them at Wholesale

Any time you are considering remodeling your kitchen and installing new cabinets, you have different options in regards to price. Being aware of your choices helps you obtain the best prices for your new cabinets. Shopping for cabinets from a local home supply store or design center involves paying retail prices. While these places might be running a sale on a particular style or color, there is still a substantial markup placed on the cabinets. This is due, in part, to the number of people who have handled the cabinets since their original manufacture.

Wholesale distributors purchase the kitchen cabinets from the manufacturer. In order for the distributors to earn a profit, they add a small amount to the price they paid the manufacturer. Next, the cabinets are sold to regional suppliers, who also add a small amount to what they paid to their distributors. Finally, your local stores purchase the cabinets from regional supplies. In addition, fully assembled cabinets cost more because you are paying the labor costs associated on top of the added profits. Now, all costs are passed directly along to the stores’ customers. Further, the store adds their own amount to the costs they paid in order to also earn a profit from the sale.

Instead of paying all of these added costs placed on kitchen cabinets, you are able to find them at wholesale prices directly from our online store. The reason we are able to provide high quality cabinets at such low prices is because we also manufacture them. By cutting out all of the secondary handlers, you are not stuck paying all of the added markups, labor, transportation, and other related expenses.

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