Home improvement contractors are able to guarantee they are awarded kitchen remodeling projects by obtaining their kitchen cabinets directly from our online store. We feature a wide assortment of styles and colors to help your customers have the kitchen they desire. In addition to our already low, wholesale pricing, we believe in customer loyalty by rewarding our repeat customers and contractors with an additional discount. Further, we frequently run a monthly special any time we are overstocked in certain colors or styles.

To illustrate your savings, consider the costs you would pay for a standard-size kitchen if you obtained the cabinets from a local supplier for your customer. While your competitors are paying around $10,000 or more for their cabinets, you end up spending a much smaller amount — roughly around $2,500 for the same quality cabinets. The only difference between the cabinets your competitors are buying, and ours, is theirs have been preassembled, and ours are shipped ready to assemble. Because we do not assemble the cabinets, it cuts out all added labor expenses and helps to keep shipping costs reasonable. Because you are a professional contractor, assembling the cabinets is not that complicated a process. We also have online instructional videos to use as reference.

Besides being able to obtain your kitchen cabinets directly from us online, we also feature a range of related products you are able to use for your customers’ kitchen remodeling projects. We can supply you with faucets, sinks, range hoods, specialty furniture, handles, and numerous other kitchen accessories. Just remember to ask us about these items to obtain pricing information and further product details.