How to Know if You Are Receiving True Wholesale Pricing on Your Kitchen Cabinets

The amount you end up paying for your new kitchen cabinets depends upon whether you pay retail or wholesale prices. It is important you understand the differences between these two pricing formats. Some local stores might advertise wholesale pricing, when in fact, you are only receiving a small percentage off of regular retail prices. Local suppliers are able to advertise this way because they are providing a discount off of their normal prices. However, this does not mean you are receiving true wholesale pricing.

In order to receive actual wholesale pricing for your kitchen cabinets, they should come directly from the manufacturer. By ordering direct, you cut out all secondary suppliers, handlers and others involved in the supply chain. Every time the cabinets are moved from one supplier to the next, each one adds a small amount on top of the costs associated with the cabinets. Eventually, when they do reach your local design or home improvement store, the actual costs have been drastically increased. Further, local stores need to earn a profit, too, so they add to the price you pay. Even if they offer a slight discount, the store is still earning money on your purchase.

To further illustrate, if you consider a typically sized kitchen, the costs to replace the cabinets with a basic style, using a local retail supplier, can easily run around $10,000 or more. However, by ordering your cabinets directly from the manufacturer — like Best Online Cabinets — your costs are only around $2,500 for the same quality cabinets. With the additional money you end up saving, you may decide to upgrade to a different style of cabinet.