Noisy Cabinets Are the Worst

Unless you’re living the post-modern dream of a brand new kitchen with space age storage, you’re at least passingly familiar with the cacophony of a kitchen in use. Someone grabbing a box of cereal from the pantry? BANG. Need a bowl for that delicious breakfast? KAPOW. What balanced breakfast is complete without a glass of refreshing orange juice? WAMMO. I hope you weren’t planning on sleeping in.pow sound

Sadly, the vast majority of homes and apartments constructed prior to roughly 2005 will have cabinets that are sorely ill-equipped to dampen noisy cabinets. The major contributing factor lies with the archaic hinges or drawer glides. If this is your living situation, you may be seeing a therapist to cope with cabinet PTSD or simply have fabricated a fantasy world where those slams are the exhaust from rocket ships traveling to distant worlds. Fortunately, there are simple solutions that don’t involve the realm of make-believe which may yet serve to dramatically improve your quality of life.

Sound Matters in the Kitchen

Outside of cleaning days or showers and hair drying, the kitchen is without much dispute the loudest area of your home. Juicers and blenders, microwave dings, even the metallic tings of rooting through silverware: it’s a noise generator. The path to a more peaceful life is not to consign oneself to the facts, but to combat them with reasonable solutions. Everywhere you can reduce the sound output can bring greater peace of mind to you and possibly your next door neighbors too.blender loud noises in the kitchen

Methods for Reducing Sound

There are a number of approaches to managing the volume of your doors. Depending on whether you have european style kitchen cabinets or some traditional shaker style cabinet doors, some routes could work better than others. We’ve compiled some essential tips that range from free changes in habits to some budget solutions that are more permanent.

Rubber Mat Washing

Dishwashing or even cleaning up around the counter can be a noisy affair. It also typically leads to a great deal of cabinet use– possibly at an inopportune time. The easiest solution by far (and most inexpensive) is to use either a rubber mat or even dish washing towel to store your washed items on. This way things can get put away at a time where the shotgun blasts of cabinets closing will be less of a shock to anyone in a 5-mile radius.

Cork Inserts for Doors

Here is your second cheapest option to manage the noise problem. A small amount of cork cut out and applied to just inside the corner of your cabinet door can seriously help with the sound. You definitely want to keep the cork bit small so that it doesn’t keep the cabinet doors way open even after shutting them. Too large of a “cork stop” on your pantry, for example, could leave you vulnerable to invasive rodents.

Soft Close Shaker or European Style Kitchen Cabinet DoorsSoft Close Cabinet Door Hinge

This is really the optimal answer to these issues of noise plaguing your house. Getting new pre-made or RTA kitchen cabinets fully equipped with soft close doors and drawers can introduce a tranquil hush in your kitchen the likes of which you didn’t believe possible. These inobtrusive hinges make sure that when opening or closing the cabinets, there is a mitigation on the speed that totally handles the typical cabinet slam which has been a way of life until now. Certainly a solution that demands some budgeting, this is really the permanent path to a fix.

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