Obtain Door Samples Online to Help You Select New Kitchen Cabinets

You may discover more than one style or color of kitchen cabinets you think might look good in your kitchen whenever you are shopping online. Because it can difficult to get a good idea of how it will look by using a print-out or holding your laptop up in your kitchen and comparing the colors and styles, you should check to see if you are able to obtain free door samples. Several places offer this service and ship doors in the styles and colors you prefer to your home for comparison.

After you receive your free samples, you can use them to decide which style and color you like the best and order all of your new kitchen cabinets online. You should use a design template or create your own to guarantee you order the correct number and size of each cabinet you need. Creating your own template is not difficult and all you need is a sheet of paper. Draw the walls of your kitchen onto the paper. Most standard kitchens are “L” shaped, so typically you have two walls on the paper.

Remember to mark door spaces and windows on the paper. If you have an island, place it in the proper location on your paper. Next, draw in the placement of the existing cabinets and appliances on the paper. You will want to use a different color pen or pencil for these items to make your design easier to read. Now, take measurements of everything on the paper, including the length, width and height. You can keep your drawing neat by numbering each item on the drawing and creating a numbered list off to the side, for writing down the measurements, as well as any special notes.