Replacing your existing kitchen cabinets can be broken down into several smaller sections when you are on a tight budget. Rather than having to set aside all of the money needed to do the entire kitchen at once with new shaker espresso cabinets, you could focus on specific areas and do these one at a time. Just make sure to let your cabinet supplier know you intend to complete the project in sections and not all at once. Most suppliers will let you know whether the style you select is one which is going to be around for a while, or if it is an older one that may be discontinued. Some suppliers might even offer to set aside all of the cabinets you need for the entire project and ship and bill you for them in smaller batches as requested, in certain situations.

For example, if you have a standard layout where you have an “L” shaped kitchen, with an island countertop, you have several different ways to break the project down. You could break your project down by upper cabinets, lower cabinets, and the island. Another option is to break the upper and lower cabinets into two smaller sections, so you have a total of five mini-projects. If you are replacing your countertops, you may want to complete the lower cabinets as one project, since you will not be able to install the new countertops until all of the new shaker espresso base cabinets have been installed.