Kitchen hoods are essential in not just the modern kitchen. Going back in time, this installation was a necessity to ensure that the kitchen doesn’t get too hot or stuffy as the cooking intensified.

The only downside was, range hoods looked ugly. This negatively affected the aesthetic and design of the kitchen, making it a rather undesirable installation. That was until designers finally found a way to make these kitchen hoods either blend in with the rest of the kitchen or “disappear” completely.

Today, the internet is awash with a ton of popular and gorgeous kitchen hood designs. These designs have been crafted upon not just popular kitchen styles like the country kitchen or contemporary kitchen, but also great customization that is specific to the homeowner.

Thus, your range hood is bound to look even better than it did in someone else’s kitchen five years ago.

Great news! So, where do I start?

Right here. In this piece, we’ll go through some popular and inspiring kitchen hood designs you can use in your next or current kitchen remodeling.

1. Long and Wide Chimney


This style is not so popular among many homeowners, except for those with large stoves and thus greater need for ventilation in the kitchen.

A long and wide chimney is designed to get rid of as much heat and steam from the kitchen as possible. Thus, the design would incorporate a low slung chimney, typically lower than what you’d find in a normal kitchen.

But won’t that squeeze the kitchen?

In a way, yes. And that’s where open shelving comes in. Open shelving around such a range hood frees up space not just visually, but also physically. You can then opt for closed-door shelves at the bottom of the stove and the lower cabinetry if you wish to have a few things tucked away under lock and key.


2. Custom Designs and Multipart Backsplash


In case you wish to go fully custom and find a way to creatively incorporate your kitchen hood with the rest of the kitchen, then you should explore this design option.

This custom design uses a multipart backsplash to creatively blend in the kitchen hood with the rest of the kitchen. Right behind the range hood is a section of backsplash with multi-colored, nicely patterned tiles that add a great aesthetic to the overall design.

The kitchen hood itself is made out of steel, with a dark gray tone that effortlessly blends in with the gray walls.

You can also use open shelving to create more space with this design while sticking to the patterned, two-tone color scheme prevalent in the entire design.


3. Traditional White Kitchen


If you don’t wish to be too experimental, you can go back to the basics and stick to a traditional white kitchen, featuring white shaker style cabinets and a kitchen hood sandwiched in between them.

The closed cabinets speak of a more traditional kitchen compared to the open shelving that tends to be more contemporary. More importantly, this closed shelving creates a visual block that visually hides the range hood away from the rest of the kitchen.

Yes, that steel installation is still visible. However, it is less conspicuous, thus giving the kitchen a unified look.

You can have other design elements in the kitchen such as the cabinet hardware blend in with the color tone of the kitchen hood.

For instance, dark silver or gray cabinet pulls and a dark silver or gray fridge would help further visually hide the glaring range hood in this design, while still staying true to the authenticity of the traditional white kitchen.


4. Under-Cabinet Range Hoods


If you wish to hide your range hood from plain sight, then going with this design is your best option. Under-cabinet range hood cleverly hides the glaring range hood from the rest of the kitchen, thus drawing immediate visual attention away from it.

For instance, if you have an all-white kitchen, you can have shaker style cabinets at the top. However, instead of the traditional design where the range hood is fully exposed, one of the cabinets can hide this installation, thus totally removing it from the glaring view.

A great thing about under cabinet kitchen hoods is that they come in a compact size. This further helps to hide them away, while still incorporating an elegant design that will blend seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen.

Another great thing about this design is that you don’t necessarily have to remove your current cabinet installation to fit this kitchen hood. You can optionally buy one that blends in well with your cabinet design and have it fixed right above the cooktop.

Its small size and camouflaging design will go a long way in keeping it out of sight.


5. Marble-like Range Hood


If you’re less worried about visibility but rather more about aesthetics, then a marble-like range hood might be a great design option for you.

This range hood is the perfect option for a contemporary kitchen that features marble countertops, a minimalist design, and a striking two-tone color scheme.

To make this work, the countertops and kitchen hood have to be made from the same marble. The idea with this design is to create a waterfall effect that trickles down from the range hood to the countertops and finally the kitchen island.

This not only unifies the entire design but also creates a stunning effect that’s greatly supported by the kitchen hood.

You should also consider using flat-panel cabinets, a white backsplash, and black appliances to fully complement this kitchen design.


6. A Mix of Modern and Rustic


What if your design of the kitchen hood could incorporate both the modern and the rustic? Well, this design option allows you to do just that.

The idea is to have a modern range hood, blended in with rustic cabinetry that contrasts with white walls and countertops. This is one of the most creative kitchen hood designs you can explore.

The kitchen hood is neatly covered in a modern dark gray pattern that starkly contrasts with the backsplash. So instead of visually hiding it, the kitchen hood is rather creatively incorporated into the kitchen’s design.

You can finally opt for flush cabinet pulls, which add a contemporary touch to the cabinetry. Since the white backsplash and walls create an airy and spacious feeling, you can support this theme by opting for open shelving at the top.


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