The kitchen is not just a design element or a convenient inclusion in any kitchen. It’s a necessity. This makes it a must-consider whenever you are designing your kitchen.

But that’s where the problem comes in.

Figuring out the right kitchen sink design is problematic for most homeowners. The kitchen sink has to blend in with other key elements of your kitchen. These include, primarily, the backsplash, countertops, and cabinets.

So, how do you do it?

The direct answer would be “by choosing the best design that fits the entire kitchen’s theme.”

Well, that’s partially correct. However, kitchen sinks transcend beauty. Rather, they are also highly functional units that at the end of the day dictate how pleasant your experience in the kitchen will be.

So, whatever design you land on should not only look great but also give you the easiest time in the kitchen, by fully taking care of your washing and, with some sinks you’ll see in this list, storage needs.

Wait, some sinks even offer storage?

Yes. Now that is a fun and functional kitchen sink.

1. Middle Compartment


Speaking of storage, this is one sink that offers you space to store something between your washing basin and drainage basin. The entire sink is made out of stainless steel, with two basins on the side and a compartment in the middle.

This compartment is big enough to store food, for instance, as you wash it on either basin. This makes working in the kitchen much easier.

This sink design also blends well in a transitional style kitchen, where the countertop is made out of dark-tone marble and the cabinets are also colored dark brown with stainless steel handles.

Conveniently, the middle compartment also features a drainage plug, which means that you can easily switch it from storage into a usable sink basin when you have a little bit more dishes to wash.

2. Double Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


The farmhouse kitchen sink has been praised as one of the most functional and easy to use kitchen sinks in the market. Its apron, specifically, makes working on the sink more comfortable compared to other kitchen sink designs.

And as far as size is concerned, getting a double bowl fireclay kitchen sink is a sure bet at maximizing working space in the sink.

This design looks splendid in a transitional kitchen. The sink is made out of white ceramic with vertical lines at the front that add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the entire design.

The sink also blends nicely with a dark-toned countertop and backsplash. Silver or stainless steel faucets look great too with this kitchen sink design.


3. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


If you’re looking for something more contemporary, but still in the spirit of the farmhouse kitchen sink design, then the modern farmhouse kitchen sink should be your go-to choice.

This particular modern farmhouse kitchen sink doesn’t include two bowls. Rather, the two bowls have been combined into one large bowl, with a large faucet being made available to make washing on either side easy.

Instead of clay or ceramic, the modern farmhouse kitchen sink is made out of stainless steel in a nice gray. This adds a modern touch to it, while still preserving the traditional look and functionality associated with this type of kitchen sink.

Instead of a chiseled apron, the modern version has a smooth apron that makes it blend well with not only a modern kitchen, but also a classic one in case you want to blend contemporary with the old.


4. Black Granite With wood Countertop


If you want something purely modern, then this black granite sink with a wooden countertop might be what you’re looking for. This design specifically resonates with the current modern kitchen trend of minimalism and contrasting colors.

And yes, it’s not all looks. This sink is highly functional.

Specifically, it features two washing basins. One is for doing the main washing while the other helps you separate washed items from the rest and let them drain.

The matte black granite greatly contrasts with the light wood tone of the countertop. For a purely modern look, you can color the cabinets in matte black too.


5. Kitchen Island Sink with Hidden Compartments


If you want pure storage space, then this kitchen sink design might be what you’re looking for. Instead of using one of the basins as a temporary storage area while you’re working on the kitchen, this specific kitchen sink design uses compartments at the back of the sink and the faucet as storage space.

This space comes in handy when managing clutter and small items in your kitchen. Even better, you can fit this sink at the kitchen island, which means that the items you’d store behind it would also be the non-essentials that you don’t use daily.

Alternatively, if you use this as your main sink, the hidden compartment serves as storage space for the not-so-pretty things in your kitchen like the detergents and dishwashing scrubs.


6. Square, White Tile Kitchen Sink


Is it possible to blend your kitchen backsplash and the kitchen sink? Yes. And this design shows exactly that.

Square white tiles are used to make not only the kitchen’s backsplash but also the sink, which creates a unique design for a modern kitchen.

It’s not just the backsplash and the sink that are connected. The countertops and breakfast nooks are also made from the same porcelain white tile. This creates a nice flow from the backsplash to the rest of the kitchen surfaces, resulting in a unified look.

With this kind of sink, instead of vertically standing faucets, the faucets lie horizontally instead, against the backsplash.

The rest of the kitchen can be in white, with European style cabinets for a nice two-tone feel.


7. Glass Kitchen Sink


If you’re looking for a purely fun design, then the glass kitchen sink should be your go-to choice. Yes, the idea of having glass for a sink doesn’t sound smart. However, glass is a viable option in most kitchen sink designs, because of the modern touch they add to kitchens.

But how safe and functional are they?

Well, glass kitchen sinks are not only shatterproof but also heat, scratch, and stain-resistant. This makes them just as good as the commonly used materials such as stainless steel or hardened clay in a more traditional kitchen.

However, they’re not fully resistant to chipping. This makes glass sinks not ideal for a chef who runs his/her kitchen to its full capacity.


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