minimalist kitchen

We see minimalist kitchens all the time on social media. These kitchens have clean countertops and no clutter in sight. Most kitchens will have cooking utensils, food, and cooking ware everywhere in the room. So how can one keep their kitchen so empty? Is this even possible or viable?

What is a minimalist kitchen?

Minimalist Kitchens

A minimalist kitchen is one that has very little on display. Typically this is done and shown with smaller kitchens to emphasize the work space. Having too much clutter makes these smaller work spaces harder to navigate and even makes the area feel more crammed. To make the small area visually large, using minimalism to add visually simplistic cabinets creates less distractions. Although shaker cabinets are only a simple design, it visually has human eye focus on the details. Added the additional accessories for traditional cabinets make American cabinets typically more busy than modern style. 

Why would someone want a minimalist kitchen?

Minimalist Kitchens
Photo: Euro Cucina

A minimalist kitchen allows for a simple clean canvas. In a time where less is better, minimalism is at an all time high. Websites, design, and even trends are all going down the route that simplicity is king. Having too much makes the kitchen access, navigation, and workflow much more complicated than it should be.

It goes beyond the concept that one needs to just clean up their kitchen. Then that person may question the difference between minimalist and a cleaned up kitchen. A minimalist kitchen is to create a large feeling space from a small area. Less visually is the key here. It may not be the exact same as putting the coffee maker and toaster away every other time after use. 

How can one achieve minimalism?

Minimalist Kitchens
photo: Home Stratosphere

Keeping less clutter and a less busy kitchen is key to getting a minimalist looking workplace. Normally one will look at these options when remodelling the kitchen. Even with a fully built kitchen, adding in ease of access storage can help one convert all countertop appliances to be easily hidden away.

 When redesigning the kitchen, people choosing minimalism will go for modern European kitchen cabinets. The cabinet surfaces are the least visual separation from door to door. Thus, the cabinets allow for a more open aesthetic to the room compared to shaker cabinets. Traditional cabinets will typically have the shaker design and crown molding. These features don’t affect the storage of the cabinet physically, but visually make the kitchen more busy. 

In many cases, one does not see many stainless steel appliances in sight. These are condensed into an electric cooktop and wall oven. To have even less countertop appliances, homeowners incorporate these appliances into the cabinets as well. These may include a microwave drawer and built-in espresso machine. Some may go even further and find other appliances to be fully incorporated. The refrigerator and dishwasher have the options for panel ready appliances. This means the traditional stainless steel appliances can now blend in the rest of the kitchen. 

Should one get a minimalist kitchen?

Minimalist Kitchens
photo: Tuvie

A person shouldn’t just transform or remodel their kitchen based on the current trends. As trends come and go, the trendy kitchen option may disappear in the upcoming year. A benefit to minimalist kitchens is that they are simplistic modern kitchens. With less out, means less cleaning to do as well. Less on the countertops means that cleaning is also a simple breeze. All you need to do is an easy wipe down. No need to move stuff around while cleaning at all. 

What minimalist kitchen will enable is the storage and organization. European cabinets are minimally designed by nature. Some of the base cabinets do not offer drawers, so homeowners will look to roll out drawers hidden inside the cabinets. These are not just helpful for accessing hard to reach cabinets, but one of the best for storing away larger countertop appliances in the back without worry. This means one does not have to always have the coffee maker out and present all the time. 

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