By Dillon B. (Additional Writing by Ryan O.)

Changing the electrical outlet is a much easier task than most people think. We can change outlets that either worn-looking or not working with these steps here at Best Online Cabinets.

Tools needed:

  • Electric Drill
  • Torpedo Level
  • Wire Strippers

Step one: Turn off the power at the junction box. Safety first.

Step two: Unscrew the outlet

After you remove the faceplate, unscrew the outlet from its place in the wall.

You will see a few different wires and this is what they do:

  • The black wire is the “hot” wire that brings power to the outlet
  • The white wire is the “neutral” wire that takes the power back to the source
  • The orange wire is the “ground” that discharges excess electrical overload to keep you safe

One side of the outlet is for the hot wire, the other side if for the neutral wire and there will be a section for the ground wire. All of these are labeled on the outlet.

All similar wires go together. This is all important to know to go into the next steps.

Step three: Unscrew the wires from the outlet

When you unscrew the wires from the outlet, you will notice that the wires are stripped and looped around each corresponding screw.

Step four: Replace with new outlet and reattach wires.

Reattach the stripped part of the wires to the corresponding parts of the outlet, similar to the previous setup of wires on the old outlet. If you need more stripped wire, use a wire stripper to remove more of the casing to expose the wire.

Step five: Safeguard the outlet

To make sure the wires remain connected, add electrical tape around the connecting wires and screws to reinforce a secure connection. This will also prevent overheating over time.

Step six: Check for level

Make sure your outlet cover is square and then screw in your face cover plate. In our example, we are using a decora outlet with a screwless face plate that secures itself by being pressed into the outlet.

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