Get Cheap-Priced Cabinets Direct from the Manufacturer

Getting new cabinets to remodel your bathroom or kitchen does not have to be expensive. Shopping at your local design center or home improvement store normally does not provide cheap prices. The reason these places charge more for their cabinets is due to several factors. First, the cabinets have been moved from multiple locations to reach your local store. They start out at the manufacturer where they can be shipped as ready to assemble or preassembled. If they are ready to assemble, they have to go to an assembler before being shipped to a central distribution center.

From the distribution center, they are moved to other warehouses in the supply chain. Every time the cabinets are moved from one location to another, each handler places a small markup on top of the manufacturer’s cost. As a result, your local store has to pay all these additional charges, put their own markup on top of what they paid, and pass the entire costs along to their customers in order to make a profit.

Luckily, you have other options to cut out all of the middlemen and find cheap-priced high quality cabinets for your home, like purchasing them direct from the manufacturer. Here at Best Online Cabinets, we offer low prices on our cabinets because we are the manufacturer. All of our products are shipped ready to assemble directly to you. The reason we ship them ready to assemble is because it helps save on shipping costs and avoids paying additional fees for oversized packages. Once they arrive at your home, you can choose to put them together yourself, or we are able to refer you to a qualified contractor in your area.