Creating kitchen designs does not require using expensive software. You can create your own designs with a few simple art supplies and household tools, and draw them out by hand. You will need a tape measure, a few number two pencils, an eraser, colored pencils, graphing paper, and a ruler. Once you have everything together, you are ready to start creating your new kitchen design by completing the following:

  1. Draw a rough draft of the current kitchen layout. Use different colors for above counter cabinets, below counter cabinets, windows, appliances, and the kitchen sink.
  2. Use the tape measure and measure everything in the kitchen. Start by measuring the length and height of walls and windows. Include the length, depth, and height of cabinets and appliances. Remember to include the measurements for countertops, the range hood, and island.
  3. Next, consider whether you want to keep the same kitchen layout or create a new one.
  4. Draw out your new kitchen design. Again, use different colors for identifying items in the kitchen.
  5. Select the new cabinets you want to use in your kitchen.
  6. Submit your cabinet selections along with your kitchen design to our design services team for review.

Your design services expert prepares professional 3D renderings, drawings, and other detailed information, and returns it all to you for your approval or for additional changes. Once you are happy with the design, order your new kitchen cabinets using the included cabinet details sheet, since this shows you the exact quantity and part numbers of cabinets you need to remodel your kitchen.

To obtain your complimentary kitchen designs, contact one of our kitchen design experts today by calling 855-929-8975.