You may come across an RTA cabinet store whenever you are shopping for new cabinets for your home. There are a few key differences between the cabinets offered by RTA stores and those you find at local home improvement and/or design centers. RTA is an abbreviation for ready-to-assemble, and it means that the cabinets require assembly prior to installation in your home. Purchasing ready to assemble cabinets in place of pre-assembled ones does provide a substantial cost savings, because the labor expenses are not passed along to the consumer, like they are when buying cabinets from local retail stores.

Another difference between an RTA cabinet store and local retail stores is there are no added costs for brand names. Each cabinet design is made from high quality solid wood just like the expensive brand names. Instead of brand names, the cabinets are listed using descriptive terms to describe the cabinet style and finish, such as champagne classic or white Shaker. Further, shipping costs are much less with RTA cabinets, because they are flat shipped and take up much less space than pre-assembled cabinets. Even if your local retail store stocks the cabinets you need, they pass along all shipping costs to their customers.

If you still have reservations about the quality of cabinets available from an RTA store, request free door samples of the cabinet styles you like the best. Once you receive your door samples, use these to compare the quality with brand name door samples. You will be surprised to see that there really is no difference in the overall quality.

Order your free door samples from our RTA cabinet store today, by calling us at 855-929-8975, and see for yourself the high quality we provide our customers at affordable wholesale prices.