You can choose from preassembled or ready to assemble (RTA) styles when you buy kitchen cabinets. There are a few differences worth mentioning that you need to be aware of to make the best decision. Preassembled cabinets often arrive ready to be mounted to your walls. However, this convenience results in paying a higher price for your new cabinets. RTA cabinets do require putting them together prior to being ready to mount to your walls. You also need specific tools and equipment to complete the assembly process. But, the cost for RTA styles is significantly less and saves you a large amount of money.

For example, for a standard 10 by 10 kitchen with basic custom-made cabinetry, the costs for preassembled ones can easily run $10,000 or more. If you buy RTA kitchen cabinets in the same style and quality, your cost averages around $2,500. Because of the additional savings, you have extra money to invest in your project and could upgrade your cabinets, countertops, or buy new appliances for your newly designed kitchen.

Prior to assembling your new kitchen cabinets, it is worth your time to review our free online step-by-step photo and video instructions. These tools will give you an idea of what skill level is required to put together your cabinets, as well as the types of tools you need to complete the process. Even if you are not skilled in putting cabinets together, you do have other options for completing your project, like having us recommend a qualified contractor in your area.


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