You have different options for creating a new kitchen design, including using our free design services. Regardless of which method you choose, all processes start with recording details about the existing kitchen. You will want to start out by making a sketch of your kitchen and the current placement of the sink, appliances, and cabinets. Also make a note of any electrical outlets and plumbing connections. The reason you want to include this information is that you may need to move the location of outlets or plumbing if you change the layout. The next thing is to take measurements using our free measurement checklist.

Once you have your measurements completed, you are ready to move on and start creating your new kitchen design. Get a blank sheet of paper and sketch out the new layout you want for your kitchen. Feel free to draw it out in one dimension and use squares, rectangles, and other simple shapes. There is no reason to over-complicate the design. If you intend to keep the same layout, and are only replacing the cabinets and countertops, you can skip this step.

The final process is to select your new cabinet style and submit your drawing, measurements, and preferred styles to our professional design team. We are able to take the rough sketch and measurements of your kitchen and use our software to create 3D images and a floor plan to show you exactly how your finished kitchen will look after it is completed. We can also supply you with a complete list of items, to order, so that you receive all of the pieces you are going to need to assemble your new RTA cabinets.

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