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10 Ways to Natural Light Can Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Having a bright kitchen in your home makes it more inviting and enjoyable to live with. However, some people do not want additional electric lighting because it might be jarring. Ideally, they want increased...

Tiny Kitchen Décor Ideas

Small kitchens are cute, cozy and come with their own challenges. There are ways to make the most use of a minimal kitchen by using these suggestions. These improvements range from simple additions...

How to Keep Your White Kitchen Spotless (NEW Guide Updated in 2020)

All-white kitchens, where the appliances, surfaces, and décor are monochrome, are an everlasting trend in kitchen design showrooms and magazines. White kitchens are minimalist and feel clean when we know that we can see...

What If You Didn’t Have Upper Cabinets In Your Kitchen?

You can see everywhere in home interior design blogs and websites the trend towards kitchens designs without upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving or other ideas. However, is this a trend that...

Most Popular Kitchen Designs of 2020[Updated]

The most popular kitchens designs of 2020 are easily categorized by layout, colors, and new features. Layout trends often indicate a shift in new ways to play with space societal thinking, and it’s interesting...