Monday, January 27, 2020

10 Ways to Natural Light Can Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Having a bright kitchen in your home makes it more inviting and enjoyable to live with. However, some people do not want additional electric lighting because it might be jarring. Ideally, they...

20 Fresh Kitchen Design Inspirations from Pinterest

While contemporary kitchen design has been veering away from the monochromatic white kitchen look, we see more appearances of heavily black kitchens, with small accents of slate...

BOC Shows the Latest Home Tech From KBIS & IBS 2019

BOC visits and captures the latest tech shown off by various manufacturers and home designers at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this year. We include futuristic ways to access cabinets, customize your showers, and...

Color Trends for Kitchens 2019

by Ryan O. As we begin the new year, let’s look at some of the new trends we are seeing from kitchen interior designers predicted to be big in...

Most Popular Kitchen Designs of 2019[Updated]

The most popular kitchens designs of 2019 are easily categorized by layout, colors, and new features. Layout trends often indicate a shift in new ways to play with space societal thinking, and it’s interesting...

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