Monday, January 27, 2020

10 Ways to Natural Light Can Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Having a bright kitchen in your home makes it more inviting and enjoyable to live with. However, some people do not want additional electric lighting because it might be jarring. Ideally, they...

Top 9 colors for your colored cabinets in 2020

Colored cabinets are on the rise for the upcoming year in 2020. In kitchens, we are going as far away as possible from safe and all-white layouts. While there are a large...

When are cabinet drawers not just drawers?

We think of cabinet drawers as just boxes we can cram our things in… but not all drawers are alike. We can be frustrated by drawers if they don’t serve their purpose...

What Is A Wet and Dry Kitchen?

The Need If you’re like most people in the United States, you’ve not heard the term “wet and dry kitchen” frequently. A wet and dry kitchen, simply put, is a kitchen layout that splits the...

Get the Farmhouse Kitchen Look

The farmhouse kitchen style has been a popular home design trend for a while now, thanks to design blogs and HGTV personalities like Joanna Gaines championing the look. But what is...

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