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black and white kitchen marble countertops and backsplash

A Countertops’ Counterpart: Kitchen Cabinets

Matching counters with cabinets Sometimes, not knowing what we want can be a good thing. Especially when we’re young, the world is full of possibilities. But when you’ve reached the age that you are building...

A Sturdy Kitchen Cabinet

How to recognize quality construction Just as important as the type of wood used for kitchen cabinets is the quality of its construction. It is generally accepted that plywood is the superior choice to the...

Kitchen Restriction

Keeping your remodel in check When it’s time for you to take on the pressures of a remodel, make it as easy for yourself as possible. First, determine exactly what you need. Examine your kitchen....

Cabinet Composition: What Makes a Cabinet High Quality?

Breaking down the parts of a cabinet Put quite simply, a cabinet is essentially a box with an attached front. It’s the front that includes the face frame, doors, hinges and drawer fronts. The box...

Cabinets of Steel

Enduring changing styles for 100 years You’ve seen photos of shiny 1950’s kitchens and diners, what was up with that? Why so much chrome? Even the cabinets were made of steel. There are very good...