Say goodbye to all-white kitchens and hello to the latest trend: two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets. This dynamic look instantly brings visual interest into your kitchen and lets you play with all kinds of color combinations and styles. Check out some of the best ways to bring two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets into your home.

Black and White

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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One of the simplest ways to use the two-toned shaker kitchen cabinet trends is with black lower cabinets and white upper cabinets. This look is simple and refined, with the darker color on the bottom anchoring the room like the light opens the space up. Best of all, the look is neutral enough that you can play with your backsplash and floors in any way you choose. A simple subway tile can keep the room simple, but a statement-making tile can make the room instantly dramatic.

Go Green

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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Green is a color that is growing in popularity in kitchens. Deep, rich greens can create a bold statement, while light, pastel shades can work perfectly in coastal or farmhouse kitchens. You can use green paired with white cabinets, or even color block with dark and light green shades together. Use gold hardware and white marble countertops to pull the space together.

Mix Materials Too

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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Two-toned cabinets don’t just have to be about contrasting colors. You can mix the materials as well to create a truly dramatic space. For example, sleek black cabinetry with a high gloss sheen paired next to a light brown wood can bring more variation to the kitchen. This is great for contemporary kitchens where you want to use the unexpected. You can also use the mixed materials to emphasize a color block effect; for example, using matte and glossy black in the same space.

Try A Soft Palette

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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Pastels all over a room might be too much for some people, but using them sparingly can create a totally different experience. In a minimal kitchen, you can pair a pastel like mint green or light pink with white or grey shaker kitchen cabinets. The soft palette keeps the space feeling light and airy, but the burst of unexpected colour keeps the room from feeling too boring or plain. If you’re scared to leave your all-white kitchen behind, this is an easy way to step out of your shell and bring some color into your kitchen!

Tone Down Bright Colors with Wood

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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One way to shake up your kitchen is by bringing in a bright and bold color like red, blue or teal. While these colors can look overwhelming, one way to seamlessly incorporate them in a way where they can pop without overpowering is by tempering them with traditional wood. Two-toned cabinets using wood and bright colors create a unique space. Keep the rest of your kitchen with neutrals like white countertops and black barstools so you’re not mixing too many different elements into one space.

Keep It Neutral

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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Using multiple colors doesn’t mean you need to bring in bright, striking shades. You can layer similar hues to create a sophisticated space. Use black lower cabinets and grey uppers for a minimalist look that is subdued yet still stylish. Black appliances keep the room sleek and clean. You can create a similar look with lighter shades too: opt for a mid-toned grey on the lower cabinets and white on the uppers, with stainless steel appliances.

Blue Remains A Favorite

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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Blue has been a popular color in kitchens for years, particularly in coastal or French country homes, but also appearing in more modern and Scandinavian spaces as well. No matter what the style of your kitchen is, you can use blue in your cabinets to create a chic space. Pair crisp white and a deep blue in your two-toned cabinets, and then find complementary finishes like tile backsplash and countertops. If your blue pulls a little more grey, you can opt for a grey veined marble to keep the room cohesive. 

Don’t Get Too Trendy

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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Painting your shaker kitchen cabinets each season can be a pain. Instead of opting for trendy shades like millennial pink or burnt orange, keep your two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets timeless. Use color combinations that you know work well together, like black and white, or neutral shades like grey or wood, and then bring in the pops of trendy color in your accessories. Add a runner rug, barstools or even lighting fixtures in a more dramatic hue. This way, if you tire of the color quickly, it’s easier to switch out!

White Doesn’t Have to Stay On Top

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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While white upper cabinets with a darker lower cabinet is the more common approach for two-toned cabinets, that doesn’t have to be the case. White lower cabinets with wood upper cabinets is a look that’s perfect for modern kitchens. White countertops keep the flow from the cabinets, and a wood kitchen island grounds the space. This will add depth and interest to the space. You can even take it to a more industrial place with grey-toned wood and a brick backsplash. If you’re feeling more dramatic, try a bold colour like aqua blue on top with white below. This particularly works if you’re opting for a glossy, modern sheen to your cabinets.

Keep It Traditional

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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While many two-toned cabinet color combos lean towards the modern look, the concept can work just as well in a traditional kitchen. Pair your natural wood cabinets with painted teal or dark blue to create a more mature color palette. This look can be dark and dramatic, so make sure to bring in lots of lighting to your kitchen.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Tie It All Together

two-toned shaker kitchen cabinets
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The last thing you want is for your two-toned cabinets to look like they are completely mismatched. One easy way to keep the look intentional is by using the same hardware throughout the kitchen. Use gold bar pulls on black and white cabinets, or bronze cup pulls on grey and green cabinets. This brings all the varied elements of your kitchen together to make the room look perfectly polished.

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