Two tone cabinets are becoming more popular in kitchens.

When you’re building or remodeling your kitchen, there are limitless options to choose from. Shaker kitchen cabinets work in every style kitchen and color, and a new coat of paint can completely transform the room. Whether you’re bored with your old kitchen and want to spruce it up, or are planning for an entire remodel, these color combinations can make your kitchen pop.

White and Grey

White and grey are a classic color combo for those who want to keep their kitchens neutral. Adding grey can break up the starkness of an all-white kitchen without adding any colors that may clash or distract from your decor. 

With grey and white, there are still lots of different options you can choose from. A light grey keeps the room light and airy, while a darker grey or charcoal can add depth. Cooler-toned greys, which pull slightly blue, pair best with brighter whites, but a warmer grey with yellow undertones can pair nicely with a creamier white.

White and Blue

Blue is a popular kitchen color that can create bold contrast. A bright cobalt blue on your lower level shaker cabinets with a stark white on the top creates a unique design that is still timeless. Blue can add depth and warmth to your kitchen.

If a bright blue is too much for you, try a mid-toned aqua blue. Another way to create depth is by painting key details, like the kitchen island or any floating shelves, while keeping the rest white. Use backsplash that brings in elements of both colors to tie the room together.

While classic blue and white can look coastal, a deeper navy blue can make the kitchen look more rich and luxurious. Navy blue and white also looks great with brass accents, like faucets and cabinet hardware.

Green and White

A green and white color scheme can look dated if you choose the wrong shade, but rich jewel tones or deep earthy greens can make the space look modern. Painting the cabinets green can be unexpected and create a striking look, especially in a sleek, modern kitchen. White marble countertops and contemporary style lighting fixtures keep the space looking mature and modern. 

If you’re looking towards green for more of a fresh, garden-style look, you can choose a vibrant leaf green for your kitchen and accessorize with potted plants and a nature-inspired wallpaper.

Black and White

Black and white is another timeless color combination that can make a kitchen look truly sophisticated. Pair a bright white kitchen with black cabinets in any finish — both glossy and matte black can look great on your cabinets.

An added bonus of a black and white kitchen is that it pairs with just about anything. Your appliances can be stainless steel, black or white and all fit into the kitchen nicely, and same with your hardware and countertops. You can opt for a quartz or marble, a natural shade or a bold pattern, and the black and white cabinets will compliment it perfectly.

Blue and Yellow

For a colorful kitchen that’s classic and warm, try pairing blue and yellow. Golden yellow cabinets create a brightness and warmth in the room, while deep blue backsplashes add depth and keep the room from looking too monotone.

There are many different ways to play with this classic color combination. You can pair a bright yellow and blue for a bold, contemporary look, or a pale blue and sunny yellow for a more traditional, country kitchen style. If the idea of committing to a full color block kitchen is too much for you, use one as your primary color and the other as an accent, like a blue kitchen island with yellow stools for seating.


If you’re in love with one particular color, why not just use it in multiple shades for a monochromatic look? For blue lovers, a kitchen of mid-toned and pale blue can look surprisingly charming. Try painting your shaker kitchen cabinets two-toned: you can paint the cabinet boxes in the lighter shade and the doors in the darker shade, or vice-versa.

The look can also be sophisticated in shades of grey. A dark, warm-toned grey and a light greige can complement each other well. Try using the darker grey on the cabinets and the lighter shade on the walls, with a countertop or backsplash that brings in elements of gold. The greys will tone down the gold and create a warm, neutral kitchen that’s calming and chic.

Red and Black

If you want drama, this is the color combo for you. The colors are both high-intensity, so matching them together creates a sense of equilibrium. Try painting the cabinets black to create a blank slate for a bold red kitchen island.

If you’re feeling kitschy, you can use the colors to evoke a retro-kitchen feel. Black and white tile floors, black cabinets and red appliances create a unique space that evokes the feeling of a 1950s diner, but in a stylish way. If you prefer your kitchen to be a little more modern, try lacquered red cabinets on top and black cabinets below with a light, neutral backsplash and countertop to even out the space.

Slate and Wood

While you can paint your shaker kitchen cabinets any color of the rainbow, keeping them in their natural wood finish can be just as striking. Light, tan or blonde wood cabinets pair well with slate grey backsplashes and countertops. The combination can lend itself to almost any style of kitchen: with a granite countertop that pulls in more blue or green hues, it can feel more contemporary, but a solid concrete countertop takes the space into a more industrial feel.

For a more rustic, farmhouse style look using the same color scheme, use the slate grey for your countertops and floor tiles, but leave the walls a lighter white or cream. This keeps the depth of the colors but with a more light and airy feel typically found in farmhouse kitchens.