If you’re looking for some fresh farmhouse kitchen ideas to inspire your next renovation, look no further. We’ve pulled together some of the best examples of farmhouse kitchen design to get you motivated.

First, think about what brought you here. What is it about the farmhouse aesthetic that you’re most intrigued by? Are you nostalgic for Grandma Ethel’s country kitchen where she cooked you biscuits and gravy? Or are you more interested in the modern farmhouse kitchen look, a la Chip and Joanna Gaines? Maybe you love reclaimed wood furniture, or maybe you want to incorporate white subway tiles. Narrowing down what it is that interests you will help you select the right elements to transform your own kitchen.

Farmhouse design pairs well with other design aesthetics. Incorporating industrial appliances with reclaimed furniture provides a unique contrasting look. Certain elements of farmhouse design overlap with the Scandinavian aesthetic, and incorporating some of those bold colors and patterns could really make your kitchen design stand out. At the end of the day, you want to feel comfortable in your own home, so find what you love and make it happen!

If you’re not quite sure yet which elements of this design you love, that’s okay! This list should provide you with a wide variety of ideas. Leave a comment to let us know which one you love the most.

1. Muted tones

There’s something really comforting about a neutral palette of muted tones. This modern farmhouse kitchen uses a soft green color for the cabinets on one side of the kitchen, and olive toned beige color for the other side. This kitchen is another example of maximizing value in a smaller space with the addition of open shelving.

2. White tiles and wood beams

Do you hear HGTV realtors in the background gushing over these gorgeous white subway tiles? This kitchen’s combination of dark wood and white cabinets really embraces the concept of contrast. Notice how the kitchen island allows space for bar stools to be tucked underneath.
This allows for more kitchen space throughout the day when the stools aren’t being used. And, of course, no farmhouse kitchen would be complete without a kettle on the stove.

3. A farmhouse kitchen for the pottery fiend

This kitchen’s open shelving units provide ample room to display all 30 pieces of clay pottery you own. Or, if you’re not a pottery fanatic, you could use it to store some more practical kitchen appliances and cookware. Green accents contrast nicely with wooden accents. This is a nice example of executing farmhouse design in a smaller space. Creating more storage throughout the kitchen with the use of cabinets and shelving allows for plenty of prep space.

4. Feeling blue (part 1)

The next three examples display how the color blue can be incorporated into a modern farmhouse kitchen. So if that’s not your thing, move along to number 6.

Okay, now that only the cool people are left, let’s take a look at this gorgeous example of the use of color accents in a farmhouse inspired kitchen. This is another great example of maximizing the value of a smaller space by incorporating storage in creative ways. Open blue shelving above the sink adds aesthetic and utilitarian value. Textures are really embraced in this kitchen, with a lovely combination of dark and light wood elements, a white subway tile backsplash, exposed brick, and industrial-looking bar stools.

5. Feeling blue (part 2)

Quick! Grab an apron and start chopping the celery that we grew in the garden. (This kitchen totally screams “we grow our own vegetables,” right?)
Here, we shift to a completely different way to incorporate blue into a farmhouse kitchen design. You’ll notice that blue is not the accent color here, it is the focal point. Baby blue cabinets and shelves amplify this modern interpretation of a farmhouse kitchen. Elements of white help highlight the natural light coming into the room.

6. Feeling blue (part 3)

Have you ever considered blue wood floors? Me either, but now I am. Here, we do another full 180 to prove that there are several ways to incorporate the color blue into a modern farmhouse kitchen. This kitchen incorporates some elements of mid-century style design. Notice the style of the cabinets and the stools sitting at the kitchen island. With a large concentration of blue in the lower half of this image, the sheer magnitude and height of these gorgeous wood walls and ceilings are amplified.

7. Incorporating antiques

This stunning antique kitchen island probably once held great grandpa Eugene’s long johns. Now, it serves as a beautiful reminder of the past in combination with modern-looking white cabinets and shelves. You don’t need to overwhelm the kitchen with antique pieces in order to achieve the modern farmhouse kitchen look.

8. Reclaimed wood

When you think of classic farmhouse kitchens, this one might be exactly what comes to mind. This kitchen fully embraces texture with the combination of a stainless steel oven and stove, reclaimed wood cabinet doors, and minimalist white shelves that seem to span the width of the kitchen. While modernity improves the functionality of this kitchen, the vintage aesthetic dominates. This is a great example of how to really embrace an antique look in 2020.

9. It’s not all black and white

…but it’s mostly black and white. This is not only an interesting example of a modern farmhouse kitchen, it’s an interesting example of mixing black and white cabinets. Mom told you to always match your tops and bottoms, but mom’s not here so why not break the rules a little bit? The bold contrast of black lower cabinets and crisp white upper cabinets highlights the warm hardwood flooring and decorative greenery.

10. It’s not all black and white...because it’s grey and white

A cool grey base accents this marble-topped kitchen island. Dark grey hanging light fixtures pop against a white subway-tiled backdrop. This modern farmhouse kitchen also features some industrial stainless steel appliances, and fully embraces modernity while still tipping its cap to more classically-styled farmhouse kitchens.

11. Rustic to the max

There is truly so much texture happening in this farmhouse inspired kitchen. Even the ceiling beams have that intentionally worn-down look. This stunning center kitchen island appears to use some reclaimed wood, and the sheer amount of drawers it contains would be a dream for a kitchen appliance pack-rat.

12. A thrifter’s paradise

Are you the type of person that can’t get enough of flea markets and estate sales? This farmhouse kitchen design may be the perfect inspiration for you. Open shelving perfectly displays an eclectic collection of kitchen decors. And can we talk about that oven sitting inside a stone covered wall? This kitchen owner is living the colorful cottage dream!

13. Lemon yellow

Yellow provides a burst of energy to any room. For the active home cook, a yellow kitchen could be the dream. Paired with off-white walls and shelves, these yellow cabinets bring the sunshine inside. And of course, this farmhouse style kitchen has a kettle on the stove waiting for you
Which of these farmhouse kitchen ideas inspired you the most? Did you love the blue hardwood floors, or are you more intrigued by a classic white look? Whether you love a modern farmhouse kitchen, or are interested in a hybrid mid-century farmhouse style kitchen, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this design style into your home.

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