The kitchen design is mostly crowned by the kitchen island, countertops, flooring, and cabinetry. Until recently, the backsplash was relegated to just a plain color that, in most cases, was the same as that of the countertops.

Thankfully, that awful design trend died.


Because the backsplash is one of the most important design elements of any kitchen. It solidifies the entire design theme, creates the warmth and feel of the kitchen, and provides an eye-catching background that pops everything else in the kitchen into the foreground.

Thus, to nail your entire kitchen design, you need to get this right.


Generally, by being experimental. Beautiful backsplash designs are dictated by striking colors, highly themed use of materials, and a touch of personalization that makes your kitchen look unique.

So, which designs can you explore?

Start with the ones in this piece. They’re beautiful, elegant, highly personalized, and in tune with most themes you might want to try out in your kitchen.

1. Subway Tiles


Nothing can beat tiles as the number one selection when it comes to backsplashes. This is because tiles are durable, affordable, and come in a variety. And as far as those qualities are concerned, the subway tiles shine best.

Subway tiles feature a staggered layout and clean lines which add a touch of uniqueness to your backsplash design. On top of that, subway tiles average $7-$13 per square foot, making them very affordable.

But not all things are rosy with subway tiles.

Despite being easy to clean and durable, the grout lines that are exposed between the tiles are prone to getting mold. Thus, you need to keep the backsplash dry at all times.


2. Laser-Cut Tiles


If you desire more sophistication, then laser-cut tiles are what you should be going for. However, be prepared to break your bank while installing these for your backsplash.

Laser-cut tiles are famously known for their intricate, clean patterns that can’t be drawn or etched on normal tiles. However, this added sophistication comes at the extra price of about $30-$40 per square foot. Installation is also equally expensive.

So, is it worth it?

Yes. Laser-cut tiles allow you to explore a ton of different patterns for your backsplash tiling. On top of that, they show and expose a lot of detail in your kitchen that a normal backsplash wouldn’t.


3. Diagonal Tiles


If what you are looking for are great visual effects for your kitchen, then you should try diagonal tiles for your kitchen backsplash design. These are simply square tiles that have been installed diagonally to create a diagonal tiles effect.

But this comes at a cost.

Since more precision is needed to not only install but also cut the diagonal tiles, and a bit of wastage is incurred while doing so, this design tends to cost 10-20% more compared to straight tiles.

However, this comes at a great gain of adding not only interest but also dimension to your overall kitchen design. This makes the kitchen look larger and more spacious.


4. Dark Shade Tiles


If you’ve gone for a dark-themed kitchen with dark flooring and/or cabinetry, then exploring dark shade tiles for your backsplash might be a great design decision.

For instance, for a predominantly black, charcoal gray, or deep blue kitchen, having a deep hue of teal for the backsplash would create a nice contrast between the kitchen’s background and the rest of the design elements, making them pop out.

The key here is contrast. You need to make sure that the backsplash creates depth and detail within the kitchen design.


5. Patterned Tiles


Humans are attracted to patterns. Thus, if you want to grab the attention of guests in your kitchen to the backsplash, then settling for patterned tiles design is your best bet.

You can use tiles with geometric designs such as chevrons patterns etched into the tiling for a striking design.

Pulling off this backsplash design also needs great attention to detail. You need to ensure that the grout lines match. This is important if you want the sharp edges to be softened, thus draw more attention to the pattern in the tiling.


6. Moroccan Tile


The Moroccan tile is one of the many backsplash designs inspired by a global heritage or community. This specific design gets its inspiration from Morocco. This is evident by the unique color choice used on the tiling, which features green accents quite similar to those found in the Moroccan flag.

But that doesn’t mean that this design is specific to the Moroccan community.

If you’ve gone for a green-themed kitchen, then this backsplash design will greatly complement the overall design. The dark green patterns on the tiling add detail and depth to the kitchen.


7. Mosaic Tile


If you’ve gone for a blue kitchen and are wondering which backsplash design will do it justice, then your eyes should be set on the mosaic tile. This beautiful backsplash design features intricate patterns that blend beautifully with a blue-themed kitchen.

Specifically, the patterns on the mosaic tile break the blue monotony, adding detail to your overall kitchen design.

But not for a cheap price. Mosaic tiles tend to be expensive, with most contractors charging about $20 per square foot for installation. This is along with the cost of materials. However, this is cheaper compared to the more expensive laser-cut tiles.


8. Neutral Pattern


The neutral pattern is for the neutral kitchen. This is predominantly a black and white kitchen that doesn’t feature striking colors that are meant to draw attention.

So what does draw attention to the design?

The neutral pattern backsplash. This backsplash features sophisticated, neat, yet subtle patterns that add interest to the kitchen design. The rest of the kitchen can thus feature dark grey cabinetry, dark silver faucets, and a gray kitchen island.

In case you want to add more color to the design, you can settle for colorful artwork to support the backsplash.


9. Tile Medallions


A backsplash should run the entire length of the countertop, not just behind the sink. However, with the tile medallions backsplash design, a great load of creativity is employed.

Instead of the regular backsplash, the tile medallions design features cream tiles that are offset by a medallion or tile centerpiece. The goal of this backsplash design is to achieve a rich Tuscan look with the backsplash.

As far as the medallion or centerpiece is concerned, this piece of the design is not bought separately. Rather, it is built from scratch by the tile setters during the installation of the tiles. On top of that, the tiles surrounding the medallion are installed diagonally to draw focus to it. The outer frame finally makes it pop from the rest of the backsplash.


10. Copper Slate Tiles


Instead of regular tiles, why not use real stone? That’s the idea behind the copper slate tiles.

These real stone tiles come in 4×4 inch sizes. The corners and edges are also rounded off, thus the reason why these tiles are also called the Copper Tumbled Slate.

The copper slate tiles have a pitted and rough appearance too. This makes them an ideal choice for rustic kitchens or a more traditional kitchen design Vis a Vis something modern.

Even better, copper slate tiles can be made and even installed as a DIY project. This makes them an ideal choice if you’re not only looking for something unique but also trying to be experimental at the same time.


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