A tongue-in-cheek look at 5 rooms BESIDES the kitchen
that can benefit from the heroism of cabinets!

There’s no reason to limit the awesome convenience of cabinets to the kitchen. There are plenty of areas that can benefit from the amazing storage solutions they offer. These ideal methods of organizing supplies and accessories should be allowed to expand. In fact, there is a valiant use for a cabinet in every room!

A entertainment center that features our Charcoal Gloss cabinets

1. The Man Cave

Are you (or the head of the house) a manly man or a geeky one? Here’s how you determine the difference – manly men like sports, fighting and tattoos. Geeky men like fantasy, gaming and… tattoos. Of course the majority of both like to have fun (huh, we’re really not so different!). The mini-fridge is full, so you gotta stock that backup supply of party favors somewhere! And the real men need storage for their auto rims and work gear, while the nerds need a clean place to safely secure their action figures and comic books (make mine Marvel!).cave2

2. Your Walk-in Closet

It seems that women especially have a real need for additional closet storage. What’s the point of having a carefully selected collection of hand bags and shoes if they’re strewn all about? In this scenario, having the cabinets rest on the floor makes sense, comfortably settled beneath hanging garments. Smaller ones may be installed above the rack that the clothes are hung from. Take advantage of built-in features for cabinets such as shelves or pull-out drawers. Soon you could have a perfect space for every random thing in your wardrobe, from your butterfly pins to butterfly knives.walkin closet

3. The Laundry Room

laundry room I don’t envy moms. I never realized what a slob I was. I hate cleaning up after myself! It’s not unusual for me to do a quick change in the laundry room and just leave my clothes on the floor, underwear included. Now that I live on my own there’s like a mountain of t-shirts and boxers! BUT – thanks to the cabinets that were already there, I have my detergent, fabric softener and Guitar Hero controllers stored neatly out of sight! That should mean out of mind, but my tower of soiled fabric is a constant reminder that I should do the wash – tomorrow.

4. The Garage

Duh, right? OF COURSE you’d want cabinets in this hellhole of extreme temperatures and disorganization. You’d be facilitating easier access to those holiday fiesta decorations! They’re a clean and effective way to store your tools, too. This is the ideal place to incorporate shelves within your cabinets and assign spaces to items that usually just get thrown around like car supplies or athletics gear. Designate each cabinet with a category to help minimize those long searches for motor oil or that Tee-Ball trophy you won in the fifth grade.garage cabinet

5. The Mud Room

Yeah, you can probably thank the kids for how this room got its name. They come in from a day of playing in the snow and you’ve got a Grade A mess on your hands. Upon the floor lie boots, scarves, jackets and clumps of dirt. Fortunately you can tidy up the mess easily by incorporating… you guessed it – cabinets! Is there anything cabinets can’t do? Well, they can’t clean up that dirt, but they can provide a nice place to sort all those bulky winter wares. You may want to forgo the doors when considering cabinets for the mud room. Open cubby holes are easier to work with and children are more likely to toss their stuff in that direction, hopefully into the intended spaces.mudroom

Where else would you like to put cabinets? Put them in a playroom and keep those toys off of the floor. In the family room, you can have all of your board games assembled for immediate use. It’s obvious what to fill them with in the reading room. And if you need to store toilet paper, you know where you are, baby, and it’s not the jungle.

I had to write this because I just don’t understand all the recent criticism surrounding cabinets – especially in white houses!