It is important you distinguish the term cheap, when shopping for new kitchen cabinets. Some places use the term to refer to the quality of the materials used to build the cabinets. Lower quality materials often mean the cabinets will not last as long and may have lower weight limits for storing your dishes, china, and other items. Another meaning for this word has to do with prices. Finding less expensive cabinets helps save you money to complete your kitchen remodeling project. However, you also need to be careful that the term is not being used to refer to both the quality and the price.

One way to find out what cheap kitchen cabinets means is to look at the types of materials used to make the cabinets. Items like pressboard and vinyl laminates should raise concerns. While these items give the appearance of real wood cabinets, they are not the same thing. In fact, vinyl laminates can peel off and expose the pressboard underneath. Instead, it is worth finding solid wood cabinets which are finished using stains or paints in your desired color.

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