You need to be careful whenever you are looking at clearance kitchen cabinets, to ensure you are able to obtain all of the styles and sizes you require to complete your kitchen. Most of the time, the reason the cabinets are put on clearance is because there is an excessive amount of inventory left in just a few cabinet styles the supplier wants to sell off to make room for different models. Most people want a kitchen with the same cabinet styles under their counters and overhead, so be sure to check that there is a sufficient amount of the same style in order to complete your design.

You can also find clearance kitchen cabinets when the model has been discontinued by the manufacturer. This is common, as home fashion trends change on a regular basis. For instance, various shades of red were a popular color choice a few years ago, which was replaced by blues. Current trends in kitchen colors include light-colored finished cabinets — a move away from black and dark floor coverings — that create a feeling of opening up the kitchen, which then becomes the central gathering place in the home.

Do Clearance Kitchen Cabinets Save You Money?

Purchasing clearance kitchen cabinets might seem like you are getting a great deal, especially if the supplier has everything you need to remodel your kitchen. However, you may not be getting the best prices. Retail suppliers over-inflate the original retail costs on kitchen cabinets. When the cabinets are put on clearance, they have enough room to mark them down and still earn a profit.

Before you spend your hard earned money on clearance models, take the time to visit our website and check out our prices on our cabinet styles. You may be shocked to discover you can purchase new RTA kitchen cabinets online for less than discounted clearance models from local retailers.

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