“Cheap kitchen cabinets” is a term used to describe two different types of cabinets. In one sense, the word refers to the quality of the cabinets. In the other sense, the word refers to the price of the cabinets. It is important you remember to distinguish how the word is being used to ensure you make the right decisions when purchasing new cabinets for your home or business.

Cheap, as in quality, means the cabinets are made from lower quality materials, like plastics, vinyl simulated wood coverings, and press board. The term may also be used to refer to the price, because you would expect to pay less since you are obtaining a lower quality cabinet. Normally, this style is well-suited for situations where you use the cabinets for a short period of time, or they are used in conditions where they could be damaged or get dirty, like in a machine shop, outdoor tool shed, or in a garage without climate controls.

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