How thinking out of the box can create unimagined convenience!

It’s funny how some of the most obvious answers stare us in the face while we are unable to realize them. It’s the same for kitchen solutions, there are options that make work infinitely easier, and yet we don’t even think to consider them. By combining proven methods with those of the cutting edge, you can have a place for it all while absolutely maximizing potential and efficiency.

One idea is so obvious in its design it is surprising most kitchens don’t feature it. Everyone hates lifting and carrying a heavy pot of water from the sink to the stove top. Heck, sometimes the pot is too big to sit flat in the sink as it’s being filled. That’s why a pot filler – a specialty faucet designed to go above your cook range – is awesome.

The waterworks may be advanced even further by adding a designated hot faucet that instantly dispenses hot water at your main sink. Also preferred in the modern arena is the addition of a second sink for great prep convenience.


If you’re going to do double sinks, you may as well add an additional dishwasher. Makes sense, right? You can set it up so that clean dishes go straight from washer to table, a procedure not possible when you have to empty the dishwasher first, before putting in the dirty dishes.

And those who have walk-in pantries never want to return to not having one! You can put everything in there, out of sight – dry goods, appliances, cookbooks, cookware, food, etc… nothing contributes to an orderly uncluttered kitchen more than a walk-in closet.


Instead of having the usual molded faux drawer above the cabinets below the sink, (obviously unusable as a drawer since the sink blocks the space within) why not use it as hidden storage for sponges? Instead of wasting this space have it open out like a trap door on a hinge, providing super quick access to sponges and plenty of room to keep them out of sight.And a pull out spot dedicated to dishtowels is another oft neglected possibility.  It combines a small rack to hang clean dishtowels with a hamper for the soiled ones. No more germ infested rags hanging on your refrigerator handle or lying around the sink!

And the world of upgraded alliances has never been more appealing. Wine refrigerators, convection and double ovens, and warming drawers are all very hip and impressive add-ons for the supreme kitchen! You may even work a wall dedicated to accommodating certain kitchen upgrades. There are many methods to arrange the kitchen in a variety of contemporary ways that are also convenient.

Also, very hip in today’s kitchen fashion is the use of hidden outlets. No longer do standard white electrical outlets need to break up the decors theme. They may be cleverly concealed at the corner where the backsplash and cabinets meet. Or you can have a counter that accommodates a concealed vertical power strip that you can pull out for use by a small visible pull tab.


Using the same principal, you may even install a pop up knife storage unit that emerges from the countertop. Hidden storage ideas are more popular than ever and ideas like these are the reason why – they’re convenient and just plain cool!


Another ‘why didn’t I think of that’ idea comes with the innovation found in a cutting board cut exactly to the size of your sink. This way, after you’re done chopping and left with only unusable scrap, simply push it aside into the garbage disposal unit! Easy-peasy!

Other ideas for a very modern kitchen include big cabinet drawers that are currently all the rage, especially if they have dish racks and are designed to maximize their potential. Or you may combine the look of a cabinet door but hide a drawer behind it, this is called a roll out. The addition of countertop cabinets provides more options for storing smaller appliances. Similarly you may install an icemaker into the pantry – combined with your fridge; you’ll never run out of ice! Or imagine the elevator ease of a dumbwaiter, transporting meals from one floor to the next without ever having to take the stairs!

There are so many options available for giving your kitchen an edge. The future isn’t necessarily all about stainless steel machinery. It’s about innovation, and that can incorporate countertop linoleum or cabinetry wood, any kitchen surface may have its potential maximized… a fresh idea is never far off, and it may forever change the way we operate our kitchens.

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