An easy bake guide to oven options

In most classic, standard and even vintage range setups, the cooktop and oven are essentially joined together as one big appliance. Generally it is of a 30” width with four burners above the oven. But imagine having a separate wall oven, as well. Or how about TWO wall ovens? It’s exciting to dream about, and in today’s modern kitchens such dreams are the stuff of reality.

For instance, the double oven scenario allows for a world of flexibility. The layout features a separate cooktop, and since many people prefer their ovens elevated so they don’t have to resort to stooping over a range, they free themselves from potential back worries. If your kitchen features this arrangement and can still further accommodate a microwave, do it! You will be sitting pretty with a whole selection of additional cooking options at your fingertips! Be mindful that double ovens are typically available between 24 and 30 inches wide while the heights vary.


And what of a stacked double oven? It’s the most common of advanced oven setups, and you’re likely to find it available in a wide variety of styles from the majority of manufacturers. In fact most cabinet makers manufacture standard tall cabinets to accommodate this type of oven. The double oven unit features one or two drawers underneath the appliance, which is 10 to 16 inches or so off the ground, an area that contains a toe kick.

And plenty of seasoned home chefs will give their thumbs-up for the combo of a single oven, microwave and drawer. It’s tried and true and extra efficient if you also have the room for a tall cabinet which is particularly attractive when placed next to like-size fixtures such as a refrigerator pantry.

For the modern homeowner the go-to seems to be raised side by side single ovens, for which you may have to seek out cabinets that are of the same height as a single-oven. Place two of those next to each other and use the upper and lower levels as pantries.


In other contemporary kitchens, slightly raised ovens are found side by side, by themselves, or complete with a warming drawer underneath. This provides a unique and helpful design element of a raised bar-height that makes the counter space higher.

Of course base single ovens, alone or tandem, are also quite popular. They may even be separate wall ovens in the base cabinets. You may even have a pair flank a range top, providing ample and evenly distributed counter space. Sure, you could simplify matters with a 60 inch range and two ovens and plenty of burners, but that will consume more space. Side by side single ovens with base cabinets work well together and facilitate more counter space (instead of relying on the usual tall cabinet). Since some kitchens can’t fit a taller cabinet anyway, it’s not necessary, and the ovens function just as well in a cozier space.

A single wall oven under a cooktop that is set in a base cabinet may also be something to consider. However, not every combination of this setup works with every manufacturer. Always be sure there’s room for the cooktop to fit above the oven.

Besides the common built-in oven options there are plenty of unique models worth checking out as well. From French Door, Rotisserie, and even Steam Ovens you never have a shortage of options that may not only improve your overall kitchen design but your cooking as well!

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