As a contractor, you have to always be thinking about different ways to increase your business. While most of your work is performing labor for your customers, you could expand your operations to include instructional courses targeting people who consider themselves DIY’ers.  For instance, you might offer a course in learning the proper way to assemble RTA cabinets using cheap cabinets. You may even allow participants to put together the cabinets you intend to hang in a utility room or other area of your home, where mistakes will not be a concern.

Prior to offering training courses, you need to make sure you have a location available with the proper equipment. In addition, you should verify if you require any type of permit or license to conduct the training with your local municipality. Once you are ready to start advertising your DIY training, you may want to limit class sizes so you have ample time to work with everyone one-on-one and ensure they are learning the right techniques.

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