There are several different kitchen designs you can use to remodel your kitchen. The design you select should be reflective of your own personal preferences, as well as the amount of space you have available. In the end, the primary consideration is the overall functionality of the kitchen. You want a space that is easy to navigate by placing everything in the correct location.

There are six basic popular kitchen designs people use as a guide for remodeling their kitchen. Some people choose to relocate the kitchen to a different area of the home when they want a bigger one.

  1. Gallery Style – This is a common design, sometimes referred to as a walk-through kitchen, used in smaller spaces, and it is ideal for homes where only one person does the cooking. Remember to fully utilize all available space on both walls.
  2. One Wall – This design is a space saver when you have a very limited amount of living space. Everything is placed on one wall. It is possible to incorporate an island into this design to increase the amount of work space.
  3. L-Shaped – Ideal for small to medium size kitchens because it utilizes the corners. There are specially designed cabinets which include Lazy Susans to fully optimize your corner spaces.
  4. U-Shaped – For medium to larger homes when you desire the most countertop and storage space possible. Many designs also include an island to add even more countertop and storage locations.
  5. Zones – This design breaks the kitchen down into specific zones for different functions, such as cooking, eating, and washing dishes.
  6. Triangle – A triangle design conveniently places the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop all within a small area, but also includes plenty of countertop work space with easy access to your cabinets.

To learn more about your different design options for your kitchen, as well as get assistance in planning your remodeling project, visit our website today and take advantage of our free design services.

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