There is a little known secret your local home improvement or design center does not want people to know: You can order wholesale kitchen cabinets yourself directly from the manufacturer at a substantial savings. The reason these retail stores do not inform people of this option is because they want your business and the profits from selling new solid wood Shaker cabinets for your kitchen.

What surprises most people the first time they order wholesale kitchen cabinets directly from the manufacturer is the big difference in prices from retail stores. It is easy to invest $10,000 or more into brand name solid wood custom kitchen cabinetry through at a retail store just to remodel your basic 10 by 10 kitchen. You can order the same high quality solid wood cabinets from the manufacturer and spend around $2,500 or less, depending on the style and color of cabinetry.

Now that you know about this secret, you can save money on your next kitchen remodeling project. Whether you are a general contractor, everyday do-it-yourself home improvement person, or anyone in between, you are free to order ready to assemble kitchen cabinets for your home, office, rental properties, or business at wholesale prices. Just like your local retailer, you have access to your own professional design services team to create your customized kitchen plan in full detail with your preferred cabinet style for no additional fees or costs.

How Hard Is It to Assemble DIY Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets?

Unlike the cabinets found at local retail stores, wholesale RTA kitchen cabinets ordered from the manufacturer require assembly after they arrive at your home, office, or business. For general contractors and other such professionals, putting together DIY cabinets is not difficult, as these people normally already have experience and access to all of the necessary tools and equipment. In most cases, professionals are able to assemble and fully install a new kitchen in a single day or two, depending on the size of the kitchen and number of cabinets.

For other people, it varies from one person to the next. If you are comfortable working with tools, hardware, and other equipment, it does not take long to become familiar with the assembly process. On the other hand, if you know how to use the right tools and other items needed to assemble the cabinets, but do not do DIY tasks on a regular basis, it might take much longer. The best thing to do is to review the assembly instructions and watch assembly videos to determine whether the task is something you can complete on your own correctly without damaging your new solid wood kitchen cabinets. Ideally you should allow, at a minimum, two full weekends to assemble and install your new cabinets in your kitchen.

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