Any time you are in the market for new custom-made cabinets for home, one term you encounter is RTA. This is the abbreviated form of ready-to-assemble. It means if you order RTA kitchen cabinets you will need to assemble them prior to installing them. The key benefit of ordering this type of cabinet for your home is the substantial price savings, compared to brand name and/or custom made preassembled cabinets, without sacrificing quality.

All of the parts needed to assemble RTA kitchen cabinets are included in your order, with a few exceptions. You do need your own tools to put the cabinet together, as these are not part of your cabinet order. Additionally, not included are any door handles and wall mounting screws. These items must be purchased separately. In fact, this is common whether you purchase RTA cabinets or preassembled ones from a local retailer.

Is It Worth the Extra Work to Assemble RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

It is worth the extra work to put together RTA cabinets because of the cost savings. Compare the costs to remodel a basic size kitchen with high quality solid wood cabinets. Cabinets from local retailers can easily cost $10,000 or more just for the convenience of arriving preassembled. It only costs around $2,500 for the similar cabinets unassembled. Why pay this much in labor just to save a little time and work when it is not that difficult to put the cabinets together?

For more details on how to assemble RTA cabinets, visit our website, and review our video and step-by-step-photo assembly instructions.

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