There are several steps required in order to correctly assemble RTA dark cherry wood cabinets. It is worth your time to review the processes to ensure you are able to complete the necessary work on your own, as well as verify you have the right tools and equipment. If you are lacking any tools and equipment required for the assembly processes, you need to obtain those items before putting the cabinets together. If you do not think you can put your RTA kitchen cabinets together yourself, hire a qualified contractor to prevent damaging your cabinets and making mistakes.

You will need an open work area to assemble your RTA dark cherry wood cabinets. Some people start by assembling the cabinets in their kitchen and then move to another area of the home as they run out of ample space. It is recommended to sort your cabinets by the model number and whether they are base cabinets or wall cabinets. Once they are sorted, you should put together the base cabinets first.

Carefully open the box and remove all pieces and lean them up against the wall. Many people use the box as protection to keep the pieces from touching the floor, including using the bottom of the box under the cabinet assembly area. Once you have unpacked all of the parts, review the included assembly instructions. The instructions will detail all of the necessary tools and equipment required to put your RTA cabinets together. Read through the instructions at least once, and confirm all pieces and hardware were included. If you discover any missing pieces or hardware, contact the cabinet supplier right away.

You can review assembly instructions and videos on our site, or give us a call at 855-929-8975 if you have additional questions or concerns.