So, you are planning on remodeling your kitchen with shaker kitchen cabinets. Do you actually know what a shaker kitchen looks like as well as how to choose the proper design for your shaker style kitchen cabinets? In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to go about your kitchen remodeling using shaker kitchen cabinets.

A little bit on history of shaker style kitchen cabinets

You may not know it, but shakers goes way back to 1700’s. Yes, Shakers were initially part of an odd religious group that alienated themselves from the Quakers in 1700’s. The leaders of the group were women who had some talent on home designs and functionality.

They channeled their talents into redesigning and redeveloping of homes, with kitchen getting the utmost attention. Some of those kitchen designs just about survived to make our kitchen cabinet designers still draw inspiration from them – this is actually, how ‘shaker kitchen cabinets’ designs came about.

Initially, shaker style kitchen cabinet designs came in cherry or maple, but then, people’s needs have changed over time – which accounts for why we have oak, beech, walnut and even painted shaker style kitchen cabinets today. Nevertheless, the simplistic design of the shaker kitchen cabinets has not changed.
Shaker Cabinets

How Shaker kitchen cabinets are organized

Shaker style kitchen cabinets are organised to be very functional as well as clutter-free. It means everything in the kitchen have a place – simply put, if the kettle isn’t in use, then put it away. Before you conclude your shaker kitchen cabinets design, consider where you will be cooking and preparing your food. The ultimate aim is not to have your nice clean kitchen lines cluttered with everything from toasty machines to pans. Stick with any shaker design you choose, although square and straight edges designs works great with shakers because of the type of straight lines built-in into shaker kitchen cabinets.

Having said that, you can as well get an excellent wirework solution to assist in taking out the clutters, giving you the perfect shaker kitchen styled cabinets.

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