Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets - Still a Cabinetry Classic

Shaker style cabinets are the most popular door style and that's not going to change anytime soon. The simplicity and beauty of the shaker style door create a great look in any kitchen. The shaker style brings a sense of timelessness into a country style kitchen, especially with wood grain options like Mahogany, Pomona Cinnamon, Maple or Walnut. Espresso or White shaker style cabinets create a modern and contemporary feel to any kitchen. Another benefit of the shaker style cabinetry is that it is very easy to clean!

Here are the shaker style cabinet kitchens we offer:

When upgrading or remodeling a kitchen you really can’t find anything better or more beautiful than Shaker style cabinet doors. The kitchen in most homes tends to have a very busy, cluttered look. But when you install Shaker kitchen cabinets, with their sleek look and clean lines, they create a more open looking appearance, a classic style that won’t seem dated over time.

Shaker cabinets were specifically designed to be proudly plain and highly practical, to reflect the distinctive movement in Shaker-style furniture. This style of cabinetry fits well with many different design concepts, from country to contemporary, bringing harmony to whatever look you’re trying to create in your kitchen. This is why they’ve become so popular over the years.


Shaker furniture first arrived in the United States around 1774, brought here from Central Europe by a religious sect known as the “Shakers, who made their home in New York. Over the next hundred years, Shakers continued to emigrate from Europe, populating New England, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. They were very talented craftsmen who were known for designing and building top quality, very solid furniture. Their religion taught that adornment offended God, so their style of woodworking, although beautiful, tended toward the more simplistic and practical.

It is now nearly 250 years later and this style still seems to be all the rage throughout the country, especially when it comes to installing Shaker-style wood cabinets in contemporary kitchens. There are no design flourishes in these cabinets, instead, they have a plain more functional aesthetic with simple sleek lines. This allows shaker cabinets to adapt perfectly to a more modern kitchen.


The shaker style kitchen cabinet is characterized by a simple and functional look. Doors on shaker cabinets feature a design similar to commonly raised panel cabinet doors but with simple rectangular stiles and rails surrounding a flat recessed center panel.

Shaker cabinets are designed to be simple without extra details but there are still a few factors that will affect the look of the doors on your shaker style cabinet.

1. Do the cabinets have mitered or cope and stick doors?

The standard five-piece frame and panel doors are made with either Mitered doors or cope and stick doors. (C&S) The carpentry method used to join the frame pieces together on the door is what determines whether a door is mitered or C&S. When you have a mitered door the frame pieces have been cut at a 45-degree angle so they can be joined with a biscuit and create a rectangular frame.

Mitered cabinet doors have a diagonal seam on each corner. This seam can be very visible or well hidden depending on the stain you use. When you have a Cope and Stick door, the vertical stiles are connected to the edges of the horizontal rails of the frame with tongue and grooves.

The face of the C&S cabinet doors will have vertical seams along the edge of the styles in line with the center panels. This seam can be kept small and discreet but some cabinet makers choose to embrace this look by adding small grooves to accentuate the joined area where the frame piece connects and in doing so, the cabinets create a simple rustic feel. Mitered doors and C&S doors are equally strong. You can use either option to make quality attractive cabinet doors just as long as they are made with precision, care, and good quality materials.

2. Do the doors have stained wood grain or are they painted?

One of the biggest factors that can affect the look of your shaker kitchen cabinets is if you decide on a painted cabinet or a natural wood stain. Natural wood stains allow you to see the intricate wood grains as long as the stain is not too dark. Painted cabinets can provide a cooler look and feel for your kitchen. People say that natural wood in your house can be comforting. The seams are easier to hide when you are dealing with natural wood grains. On the other hand, if you are looking for a kitchen with a cleaner look, painted cabinets can provide that for you. Natural wood expansion can cause the paint around the seams on painted doors to crack and chip. That is why some people avoid painted cabinet doors altogether. You can totally solve this problem, however; by using solid slab cabinets for any painted cabinets you buy.

3. Are the doors made with a five-piece or solid slab construction?

The five-piece frame and panel design and its many variations are the most common way to make a kitchen cabinet door. The center panel is able to shift around slightly within the four frame pieces. This way, each door is more resistant to the warping that will occur naturally when the wood is exposed to high or low humidity. The other kind of door is made from a single slab of hardwood. This can give the doors a refreshing look. Well-made solid slab doors can make beautiful cabinets with doors that are both strong and reassuring. Certain woods like Rubber tree wood are excellent for solid slab doors because they are less susceptible to the warping problems that you get with most hardwoods.

Shaker style cabinets most often come with a beautiful natural wood finish that is sometimes stained to create a darker shade while still featuring the natural wood grain and hues. You will also find many modern kitchens with Shaker cabinets that have been painted, often in white or gray to give the kitchen a nice open and light feel, which is popular among people with contemporary homes. In modern kitchens, Shaker cabinets go well modern hardware, stainless steel appliances, and white marble or light-colored stone or granite countertops.

Contemporary Shaker Kitchens

Shaker styled kitchen cabinets have sleek clean lines with very little adornment or ornamentation. This style blends perfectly with a modern-looking kitchen. You can play with the color palette and add steel and glass to make a Shaker kitchen look even more contemporary.

Whatever design you’re seeking to achieve in your kitchen remodel, by installing simple style shaker cabinets you can’t go wrong. They work well for either a more traditional kitchen or a modern one. They have a stylish sleek look while offering long-lasting durability.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Door Samples

We highly recommend ordering a shaker kitchen cabinet door sample prior to making your purchase online so you can see the actual style of the cabinet door in person. You want to ensure you purchase the kitchen cabinet style that is right for you and your space.

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