The Kitchen is probably one of the few places in the home that we spend the most time in, think about it. You wake up in the morning brush your teeth, get dressed and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? “What am I going to eat for breakfast,” and where do you find breakfast? That’s right, in your kitchen. You may have to leave to go to work from 9-5, but you return home to a nice home cooked meal, accompanied by your family members.

While you fill your bellies with one of your most favorite meals, you discuss how everyone’s day went. By the time you’re finished your meal, you still find yourself conversing with your kids about their school day and you’ve spent about two hours or more in the kitchen. So you see a kitchen is not only for eating and banging out one of mom’s good old recipes. It’s a place for gathering and sharing memories that will never be forgotten, which is why it should always be appreciated. That’s why it is important to keep the kitchen organized.

Although it can be hard at times jungling things like work, taking the kids to school and then coming home to cook a meal, but fear no more. We are here to give you a couple tips on how to maintain an organized kitchen, even with your busy lifestyle. It’ll be a piece of cake!

1) Organize Your Grocery Bags

When you come from the grocery store and put away all of your groceries, you’re usually left with a ton of plastic bags lying around the house. Stop this clutter in its tracks by assigning these bags to a designated spot in the kitchen.Try placing the bags next to your garbage can or in a corner under the sink. That way they won’t be in the way and will be easy to access when you need them.

2) Keep your Drawers neat

This goes for those deep drawers in your kitchen that are usually used to store pots and pans. However sometimes this can get a little messy, especially if your pot and their tops end up scattered inside the drawer. Here’s how to stop that, try adding a dish divider dowel, one for your pots and the one for your tops. This will make them easier to find and eliminate a messy, disorganized drawer. Be sure that the drawer’s sliding quality is in tact, so that the hardware can hold the weight of the dishes, once the drawer is fully extended. Now you’re definitely ready to assemble kitchen cabinets.

3) Create More Cabinet Space

Cabinets can get messy very easily, especially when we just put things back with no organization. However if you organize your supplies according to their size and how frequently you use them, you will have room for much more in your cabinet. To start off, Pull out all of your dishes in the cabinet to see everything you are working with. Try storing the most frequent items that you use on the bottom shelf. That why you don’t have to constantly move things out the way to get to an item. If you have stemware glasses, place them upside down, this allows more space and prevents them from falling on the floor and breaking.

4) Cabinets To Store Garbage

If you’re looking for a way to neatly store your garbage and recycle bins, say no more we’ve got you covered. Try to get one of your local cabinet installers to install cabinet pullout feature that allows you to hold both your trash bin and recycle bin all in one. Get ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, that allow you easily access your garbage and dispose of it in an organized manner.

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