Storage space is an essential function for any efficient kitchen but if you don’t have enough then it may be time to consider adding or restructuring using the current square footage you have. There are two popular options on the market that differ in cost and user friendliness: ready to assemble and pre assembled kitchen cabinets. Online vendors will typically have both so that shoppers can compare them side by side and choose the product that works best for them.


Ready to assemble cabinets are most often lower in cost because they are shipped and then put together by the customer or a hired professional. These are preferred by do-it-yourself owners who enjoy the challenge of a home project and want to spend less on materials while still getting a quality product. Hardware is included along with directions and a warranty but it is very important that space was accurately measured so that everything fits once put in place.

Pre assembled kitchen cabinets are a little more expensive but may save the owner money on the other end because they don’t necessarily need a professional for the installation. The products already come put together including hardware and are examined before shipping so that when they are received they are ready to be hanged on the wall immediately. Again, precise measurements and layout are critical to make sure that all storage fits as desired in the available area.

Both options can be purchased from a reliable online vendor that offers a wide range of inventory options in color, style, design and size. For home owners this means that you can change up your current layout and make it entirely different and more user friendly with the latest storage options. Shaker, walnut, oak and antique are just some of the collections available for purchase and every product is guaranteed by the manufacturer to meet customer standards and expectations.

If you aren’t quite sure what you want then order a sample of your favorites pre assembled kitchen cabinets and match them against tile and wall colors so you can get a first hand visual. No matter which type you choose, make sure that you order from a reputable manufacturer so that the final results are a professional kitchen for your home. Pick out the cabinets that fit your space and your measurements, follow the ordering prompts, pay for your order and then wait. While you wait for your kitchen cabinets to arrive consider having your old cabinets donated to a local charity. You could also sell them to recoup some of your money.