There are differences between DIY cabinets which determine the amount of work needed to install them into your kitchen or bathroom. The styles commonly found at your local home improvement store or design center typically arrive at your home preassembled. All that is required to install them is to mount them in the right locations on the wall. While this does save you time with installation, you frequently end up paying much more for the convenience of not having to assemble the cabinets yourself.

The other style of DIY cabinets are called ready-to-assemble, or RTA. You will have to assemble each cabinet before you can install and mount it to the wall. Assembling the cabinets is not too complex or difficult, as long as you have the right tools and equipment, understand how to use them, and are able to follow assembly instructions.

The amount of time needed to put together one cabinet does vary from one person to another. It is highly recommended you take your time as you complete each step, because this helps you become more familiar with the process and avoid making mistakes. Initially, you may need an hour or two to assemble your first cabinet. But, as you assemble additional units, the time tends to lessen.

The primary benefit you receive by ordering RTA cabinets is the substantial savings because you are not paying someone else to do the labor. In fact, the average cost for a standard 10 by 10 kitchen for RTA cabinets is about $2,500, compared to $10,000 or more for preassembled cabinets. To discover how much you could save, visit our website or contact us directly, today.


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